Friday, November 10, 2006

Wow! Another exciting week. Not only did we get 4 days off at work because of parent conferences and vetrans day, but Kathryn posted the schedule for 2007 through June. My new book Rebel Heart will be out June 1. Rebel Heart is a futuristic. I have always loved that book, and I'm thrilled to have it published. I'm also thrilled that the news came with the 4 day weekend. Because I suddenly have tons of editing and work to do.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Highland Magic
Christine Young
Awe-Struck E-books
Inc.ISBN: 1-58749-570-8
Fiction,Historical Romance
Reviewed by Vianna Renaud
TCM Reviews

Keely is known throughout the Highlands as the witch woman. While it does upset her how she knows she will never fit in amidst the local villagers, she can not ignore what and who she is. As a gifted healer who dreams the future, she resigns herself to the fact that her life will continue as it has in the past; solitude will provide her with peace. Now that the Scottish King is seeking to bring Keely to trial as a witch, she knows that she must retreat even further into her world for her safety.All of this comes crashing down when she stumbles across a battered man who is teetering between life and death. Nursing him back to health, she tries to help him regain his memory as he becomes stronger. Acutely aware of how she feels around him, she is disturbed by how her body and soul yearn for his presence. Ian MacPherson is the epiphany of a noble man as he puts honor, loyalty and duty above all other things. As their lives slowly become more and more entwined, and Ian pledges to keep her safe from harm, they realize that destiny has put them together for a reason. Ms.Young has definitely done it again with her second book of the 'Highland Trilogy'. Her first book, Highland Honor, introduced us to the powerful MacPherson clan. This book continues the non-stop drama which leaves you on the edge of your seat as you follow Keely and Ian along on their adventures. Filled with romantic anticipation, this love story will leave you very entertained.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I want to give Paty a big thanks for setting up the book signing in Bend Oregon yesterday. I had a great time and learned a lot of helpful information. The weather was great and the drive over to Bend from Salem was beautiful. All the trees are brilliant with their fall colors. I couldn't have asked for a better day. (And the Beavers beat USC!)

I am looking forward to the next signing. It will be in Salem either in January or February. Paty and I will both have our second books in print by then. Highland Magic is the name of my book and Paty's is Gambling on an Angel.

Congratulations to Genene on her first sale to awe-struck. Wow! What a fantastic weekend.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Highland Honor
Christine YoungAwestruck
eBooksISBN: 1-58749-570-8
Fiction, Historical Romance
Reviewed by Vianna Renaud
TCM Review

Delightfully rebellious while maintaining a certain innocent naivety, Callie Whitcomb embarks on a tedious journey through the unknown to find solace with a man she believes is loyal to her deceased father. Irresistibly drawn towards the rugged Colin MacPherson, she finds momentary solace in his care within the MacPherson Castle. Equally charmed by her innocent beauty, Colin keeps her safety as one of his priorities, even though it somehow works against his previous vows of revenge. As potential danger from Callie’s evil brother constantly surrounds them, Colin focuses primarily on keeping her safe and under his guard, even if it means marrying her. Slowly but surely he discovers the truth about that fateful day when he lost his father. After years of blaming it on the Whitcomb family, he slowly realizes that it wasn’t the case at all and therefore, with the greater understanding comes a greater love and respect for Callie. Christine Young weaves a magical tale of romance and suspenseful drama that keeps you right on the edge of your seat. The romance and intense attraction between the two main characters brought the butterflies to the stomach as one could cut the tension between them with a knife. Wonderfully entertaining with the feeling that you are right alongside the characters and the action, I found it virtually impossible to put it down. I applaud Ms. Young for an excellent and extremely addictive read; she is definitely a reader I look forward to reading again with pleasure!
Scottish Highland Series

The first book in the Highland series, Highland Honor, was published in August of 2006 by Awe-Struck. The second book, Highland Magic will be out in December 2006. I am currently working on the third book in the MacPherson trilogy, Highland Song.