Sunday, February 24, 2008

This is different from anything I have ever posted before. But today I would like to put forth Rachel's challenge and continue a chain of kindness among the people I know. Friday at Stayton High School, the student council presented an assembly that was meant to change lives. Rachel Scott was the first person who died at Columbine High School. She was an extraordinary young woman. The presentation had a huge impact on my life as did the murders at Columbine. The craziness has to end. The killing has to stop. Prejudice cannot continue forever. Make a point of accepting those who are different. Let this be a challenge every day of the rest of your life. I know I will. I also know that we are all not perfect. At time we judge and at times we judge wrongly. Make a point to call those you love and tell them how much you love them. As a school teacher there are many days when I go to school and wonder at the safety of the schools. When we are confronted with senseless killings, it is hard to look at every student and see the good in all of them. But there is good in every human being. It is up to all of us to make sure that no one is left alone in this world and no one is left feeling so desperate that they feel that they have no recourse but to end their live as well as others. This is beginning to feel like a lecture so I will stop here. Tell someone you love them. And try to pass on kindness each day.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Except for the banquet, swimming is over for this year. My girls were 4th at State! I truly didn't expect that high a place so I was pleasantly surprised. Wow! is more like it. They worked so hard and put in so much swimming time. Focused and dedicated would be two good words to describe them. But now that swimming is over, I'm focused and dedicated to getting my edits finished and sent off to my editor. And I'm going over my writing looking for comma mistakes, over and over and over.

And... I'm eager to get to my other book, An Uncommon Thief, sometimes known as The Pickpocket Dog. Ah... but what would it be like to have the endless energy of my swimmers. I think I knew that much energy a long time ago.

I'm still looking for the winner of my Winter Contest. Please email me your address. I will send the prizes asap.

And please enter my February Valentine Contest. Where is the most romantic place in the world? There are still two weeks left.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just received word that I need to send Highland Song to my editor by the end of the month. So I've got to make next week work better for me than this one. But it's exciting. It has been over a year since I had deadlines. I'm ready. I'll be reading all day and taking notes. I may even take the ms to State next weekend.

If you haven't entered the contest for Februrary, please do. It runs all month. The contest is to tell what city you think is the most romantic. I did have one entry, from my father, no less. He gave me the city that he thought was the least romantic city in the world. Rest assured he won't win.

Remember: If global warming floods the earth, swimmers will rule the world.


Friday, February 08, 2008

This has been a tough week for me. No writing and I'm feeling withdrawal pains. I haven't even found the time to edit. I started a new project in my Personal Finance class and it has taken almost 100% of my school time as well as time outside class. It's been very hectic but I think it will be worth the time I've put into it.

I haven't edited either. My goal was to edit a chapter a day. That certainly didn't happen. But I'm not totally behind either. I am half way through the book because I worked extra hard last weekend.

I'm off to the first day of the distric swim meet. We will do well and hopefully place in the top 3. I'm really proud of the swimmers and all of the hard work they have put into their swimming.

There have been a few entries for the most romantic city in the world. Hopefully more of you will give your opinion.

Happy writing and reading

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I'm kicking off my new contest. February is the most romantic month of the year, at least some people believe. To enter, voice your opinion. What city or place do you think is the most romantic place in the world?

The prize: a copy of one of my books and a bag of valentine goodies.

Will Joye from Arizona, the winner of my last contest please contact me through one of the loops that you received information for my contest on. I think I must be having trouble with my filters for spam and I don't have your address to send your winnings from the winter contest. I really want to send you your prize.

Well, as we head into February I am going to have to leave my hero and heroine in limbo, frozen in time so to speak. So there won't be any news on An Uncommon Thief for a while. I am doing final edits on Highland Song. Highland Song is the last in the Higland trilogy which will be available September 2008.