Monday, December 31, 2007

Ah, the last day of the old year. For me, it was a productive and fulfilling year. I hope that my readers can say the same and if not, may the new year bring only happiness. My oldest daughter and my son married their long time sweethearts. What joy. My family dealt with two bouts of cancer, one very rare and the other very common. The prognosis is good for both. A long time friend also is dealing with cancer. My prayers go out to her.

My second book in the Highland trilogy is a finalist in the Eppies. The third and last book, Highland Song, will be out in September of 2008. My writing always takes a back seat this time of year to work. But winter break provides extra time for me.

Yesterday, I left my hero and heroine frolicking in a loch. Now I had some reservations about swimming in a Scottish loch. But as I was in Scotland last summer, I know it is possible although chilly. No more chilly though than swimming in the Rogue or Crater Lake, both of which I have done in my life. I didn't want to give them hypothermia.

Best wishes to my readers for the new year.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

As far as writing goes, yesterday was truly productive. My hero and heroine are momentarily out of the jaws of danger. Oh, but is there a different danger lurking close by? Is the heroine in danger of losing her heart to the hero? Or has she already fallen deeply in love? She wants his heart and soul but he can't see past her history. And she knows she can't let him have her heart until she tell him her deepest darkest secret. Will she tell him? If she tells him, will he despise her and blame her? Will he think that all that has happened was her fault? We shall see.

Will the hero discover that she is true and pure of heart? Will he let his own barricades slip enough to see the love in her eyes? Oh, but if both lovers could erase their past, they might find happiness.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Over the holiday break I had set a goal to post something new everyday. I missed yesterday. So if I post twice today does that make up for missing one day? Maybe, maybe not. Instead of blogging which I had put off until the evening, I watched Oregon State beat Maryland in the Emerald bowl.

I'm still looking for entries in my weather contest. So, send me news of the weather in your part of the country. It's not riaining yet but there is a low fog.

Last night I left my hero trying to blow up a rock bridge so the mercenaries couldn't get across. I know there were explosives in the 18th century, I'm just not sure how he could do this. And I suppose it will have to stop raining bcause the powder will have to be dry. Or not?

Will the hero blow up the bridge or will the mercenaries get across? Stay tuned to the continuing saga of Highland Song.

Christine Young

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Because of a high school swim meet and several hours to convert meter times to yard times then post on the high school web sight, Lainie is still hanging by her fingernails on a slippery wet ledge. Will she plunge to the raging river below and make the hero rescue her or will he pull her to safety? Will the horrid English soldiers catch up to them and kidnap Lainie taking her to the English general who has put a bounty on her head?

I'm hope I'll find out tomorrow. Since I write by the second flashing by and not by a very clearly plotted outline sometimes I don't know what is going to happen until it all plays out. I suspect the characters will take over and decide for me.

So, do your characters decide what is going to happen or do you?


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well, there is a snow advisory and there is still a thin layer of snow on the ground. But enough of the weather. It's time to start writing. My characters are struggling in wet weather, cliffs and raging rivers. Will they survive? The worst of the worst English soldiers are chasing them up the ravine. And Lainie is exhausted past exhaustion if that is possible. Oh, but we know the heroine and the hero must survive but what treacherous times will they have to surmount before they can find true happiness? Tune in later for all the details.

Highland Song will be out in ebook in September 2008.

The next pressing issue for me and my family for the new year is good health. I've always been an exercise fanatic. Even walking the Portland marathon a year and a half ago. So I was surprised to discover my cholesterol was high. Now I'm looking for good cholesterol free recipes and even going as far as turning vegetarian. Any good vegie recipes out there to share?


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

For those of you who have snow, snow and more snow, this won't mean anything. But the snow started to fall here about an hour ago and it is actually sticking. Other than the years my family and I spent Christmas in Bend, this is my first white Christmas. I'm in awe. It's sticking to the trees and the deck and the road. I did not believe that I would ever see a white Christmas in the Willamette Valley.

Merry Christmas to all.

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's so much fun looking at weather from other parts of the country. I was surprised at the response. My contests usually generate one entry so this was fun. It's still raining here in Oregon and the idea that the Willamette Valley would get snow for Christmas would generate a miracle. It's different hearing the news from real people and listening to the weather news on TV. I was wondering what the weather was like in Scotland. My family spent a week on Loch Rannoch last summer. If anyone out there knows what the weather is doing in the Highlands, please post.

Christmas eve day 2007. What a wonderful and joyous time. Happy holiday to everyone.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well, it's the second day of winter break. I'm hoping to get lots of writing done as well as finish my christmas shopping. I'm going to announce a new contest to end in January. I'm asking that everyone give a comment about the weather in their part of the country. I will put all entries into a hat and draw the winner from that.

It's rainy here in Salem, Oregon. Not too cold but yesterday it was really nasty. I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you out there.

I plan on finishing a new book trailer. I've made one for both my Highland books. Now I'm working on one for Rebel Heart. A futuristic romance.

Look for Highland Magic an Eppie finalist at Amazon and at Awe-struck.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Since Friday I've been sifting through news about the eppies. I can't believe I'm really a finalist. It is such an honor to be recognized for all my efforts as well as seeing my name listed with such great writers. To all who have taken the time out of their busy Christmas schedules to congratulate me and the other awe-struck authors, I thank you. And to all the other finalists, congratulations. Highland Magic was such fun to write and my trip to Scotland this summer was an added bonus. Now I'm looking forward to editing the thrid book in the highland trilogy, Highland Song.