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Interview: Velvet LeBon

Tell us a little about yourself--Velvet--or is it Constance?

I much prefer Velvet. It has such a rich texture, don't you think? But one can't rely on any of my answers, you know I was never very good at telling the truth. This is the truth. I love my work…and men…and controlling them. I have untold power and I love to use it to make them squirm.

Uh, that sounded pretty honest for someone who doesn't like to tell the truth. How did you come to this profession the owner of a brothel in Denver no less?

I enjoy the finer things in life. I can buy whatever I want and I don't have to ask for handouts from a man. A woman has to enjoy what she does…doesn't she? I mean…I could never be a school marm.

Velvet, you didn't answer the question.

Oh, I didn't did I? Well, one affair led to another…I just couldn't say no. And it became more and more apparent that I was very good at what I did. So…I decided I should be paid for my…a services. After awhile other girls were asking for my advice and help int the business. One year led to another and before I knew it, I owned my own house.

What did Wild-Cat-Who-Stalks-the-Night mean to you?

Dakota? He is soooo sexy. And what a man…wow! I would have enjoyed keeping that one on a short leash but he was too proud. I had to cut him loose.

What do you think of the Senator?

Ah, Lawrence, he risks too much over his infatuation with Emma. I'm afraid his little house of cards will collapse around him. Otherwise we are like two peas in a pod. We think a like.

Who came up with the idea for an auction?

That was the senators…again it's that damn infatuation of his. He's going to ruin both of us if he doesn't pay attention.

How did you meet Christine?

She has this great relationship with villains. And since I'm the best villain of all time we sort of connected.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Emma stepped into the main cavern, and a shadow rose along the wall then to the ceiling. Her hand flew to her mouth and she tried desperately to stifle the scream that rose to her throat. Terror, vivid and savage, rushed through her. She battled a growing sense of panic, biting down on her knuckles.

Someone was in the cavern with her, someone who had entered boldly and without rancor.

From the narrow opening she could see him standing there, swaying, as if he could barely keep upright. He was very tall, and when she recognized him, he looked good to her even though she could make out little of his features.

"Dakota," she whispered.


His voice was weak and thready. She could see the blood covering his shirt now. He slid down the rocks until he sat on the floor of the cavern, his head falling to rest upon his knees.

"You're hurt," she said.

He nodded, a strange smile playing across his lips. "You noticed, did you?"

Don't panic, she warned herself. He's hurt, but he made it back from wherever he went. After a moment's hesitation, Emma rushed forward, not knowing what she must do for him, realizing only that she must do something.

She bent down to his level, his hand touching her cheek, then falling away. Her gasp escaped her as his hand lay motionless on the cold, wet rocks. His eyes closed tight.

Then, as if he guessed her thoughts, he said, "Stop it, damn you, Emma, I'm not dying. There is nothing for you to worry about."

"I'll worry if I want to. Now let me have a look."

"No. Give me a minute to rest here, and I'll tell you everything that happened."

His voice was deep, rich, and it seemed that by sitting instead of standing, he'd regained much of his strength. As usual, his words were touched with an arrogant authority, a harshness, even a ruthlessness. But the knowledge he was more himself than she'd imagined gave her courage.

But his face…

His skin was pale, and as she touched his cheek and his neck to find his pulse, she was struck by the heat and the dampness, the contrast vivid and terrifying.

Despite the raging fever consuming his body, he watched her with eyes as sharp and brilliant as a wildcat's beneath his imperious, high-arched brows.

"You've been shot," Emma whispered, finding breath at last. Her fingers brushed over the wound and came away bloodied.

She looked up into his eyes.

They were haggard with pain and exhaustion. They stared at her, challenging and with a determined purpose.

"Bounty hunters?" she asked, furious with him for ven­turing out, angry because he'd hurt himself, and she didn't know what to do for him. She had been afraid of this ever since they set off on what he'd called a dangerous mission, one he'd been loath to be part of. Now he was hurt and in pain.

"They didn't follow me." One hand rested on her arm.

"I'm going for a doctor."

"No!" His grip tightened, then relaxed. "It's only a flesh wound."

She stood up abruptly and walked away from him, deter­mined to gather supplies and slip from the cave.

"You need a doctor."

The determination in her voice unsettled her. She could get lost out there, but she had no choice. Dakota wouldn't live without professional help.

"You can't go out there." He was upon her before she knew it, his hands planted firmly on her arms as his fingers formed steel bands around her. She opened her mouth to argue with him.

"I won't hear of it." His finger moved to touch her lips and stop whatever she planned to say.

She was forced to gaze into his endlessly brown eyes and see the determination and stubbornness that was Dakota. He'd made up his mind and that was that.

Well, she'd made up her mind too. "I won't let you die."

"Listen to me, Emma. Stone Pony will see that you get the right medicines. I don't need a doc--"

He stopped short, inhaling deeply. Emma knew he strug­gled to stand, that this last effort had stolen his strength.

"I... do... not... need... a..." he said, each word separate and distinct.

He swallowed hard, his throat moving convulsively. A wild fear filled Emma along with her realization he might not survive the night. She tried to support his weight, but she couldn't.

They fell to their knees.

And then he keeled over.
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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Her life was at stake... ...And so was her heart.

When Emma St. John received her brother's letter imploring her to escape her stepfather's vengeful scheme and to trust Dakota Barringer with her life, she was willing to chance it. But the handsome, brooding riverboat owner Emma found in Natchez was a danger of another kind. For Emma soon found herself surrendering to an unrelenting desire.

Tell me a little about yourself Emma.
I grew up in a loving family but my father died when I was young and my mother married the senator. My brother Jacob detested the man and left to find adventure in the west. I have a little sister by the name of Claire. I adore her even though the senator is her father.

Why did you run from your home?
My stepfather drugged me then kidnapped me. When I woke I was in a brothel. I learned my mother had died. I managed to escape from there, heading west to find Jacob. I remembered a letter he sent me and went in search of a riverboat owner by the name of Dakota.
Dakota what?
Just Dakota. He is a white man who was raised by the Lakota Sioux.
Was that scary?
No, I was too afraid of the senator and Jacob trusted him, so I knew he was the only person I could turn to for help.

Why did you bring your little sister, Claire, with you?
I couldn't leave her to grow up with the senator as a role model. I was sure he murdered my mother but I didn't have proof.

When did you find out you were accused of murdering your mother?
I escaped the senator on a train. When I stepped from the train, I saw a handbill that read--WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE EMMA ST. JOHN-- Chills swept up my spine, and my grip on Claire's hand tightened so much she asked me what was wrong. I couldn't tell her. It was then I realized the senator had framed me for my mother's murder.

What did you think when you first saw Dakota?
He seemed--nice enough.
Tell the truth…
He was so handsome my breath caught in my throat then I wanted to touch him everywhere. I wanted him to…uh…
Kiss you?
Oh, I did. I was so hot…and my skin felt as it was on fire…
Was it love at first sight?
Yes… but I didn't want to admit it. I didn't believe in love and he thought I was… he thought I was a prostitute. Then when he figured out I wasn't…he wouldn't look at me or talk to me because I was white.

Did you ever expect to find yourself riding cross-country?
I didn't know how to ride a horse when we started. I had to learn fast. I was sore everywhere but I wouldn't admit to any weakness.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?
When Dakota was shot…I…I had to keep him safe and I didn't know how.

How did you meet Christine?
Dakota introduced us. She knew him first.

Does she run around with other characters?
Too many. It gets so confusing in her head sometimes. She knows a wonderful lady who keeps a boarding house in Mist Harbor, Oregon, and female Doctor in the Dakotas and a real nice female Pinkerton agent who lives in Denver.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
There is so much, I couldn't possibly say everything. But if you want you can read all about Dakota and me in her book Dakota's Bride.

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Meet Dakota Barringer: Raised by the Sioux when his parents were killed, Dakota had been betrayed once before by a white woman. He wasn't about to trust another, especially one claiming that her stepfather, a powerful U.S. senator, had framed her as a murderess. But he couldn't deny Emma's intoxicating effects on him. Now Dakota would risk his very life to protect the innocent beauty who had seduced him with her tender love.

Hi, Dakota, will you please tell us a little about yourself?

As you just read, I was raised by the Sioux when my parents were killed. My grandfather is wealthy and once he discovered I was alive, he tried everything he could to bring me to live with him. When he left the Dakotas and went back to England, he left me with my mother. Years later he tried to civilize me--an impossible task--I might add.

Do you know of other white children who were brought up by the Sioux then tried to meld into the white world?

There were none in my tribe although I'm sure there were many white children brought up by Indians. I was alone but the Sioux never made me feel as I was different from others. I had many good friends when I grew up.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?

Living in the white world has been my biggest challenge. I found I was treated as if I were a game. Women wanted to know what it would be like to date a savage. I usually gave them what they expected.

Have you encountered prejudice from anyone? White or Sioux?

Oh yes, prejudice is everywhere. But as I said before, most of the prejudice came from the white women. I fell in love with a lady I thought was very special. She used me. Then she told me she aborted my child. I was devastated and swore off all white women, believing they were all the same. I vowed never to trust a white woman again.

How did you meet Emma Barringer?

I, well, uh, I-- Emma was a saloon girl on my riverboat. I seduced her then found out she'd been given an aphrodisiac. I'm not real proud of what I did, but I've got to say--if I believed in love at first sight--that was love at first sight. I fell hard for a white woman.

How did you meet Christine, your author?

I met her in another story, one she hasn't published yet. It was called Ghost Dance. I was a secondary character and I guessed she kind of liked me because my story grew from there. Of all the secondary characters in the book, I think I talked the loudest--so loud she couldn't hear any others.

Does Christine run around with other characters?

Gosh, she has been running around with a Russian Prince, a gun slinger, a Pinkerton agent and another Russian nobleman.

Anything you would like to add?

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