Friday, March 20, 2009

Wow, it's spring vacation again and I have so much to do. In honor of the 12 sisters/cousins in Allura's household, I have decided to start a new blog. The blog will honor Aidan, the youngest of them all and will feature each relative as thier individual books are released. Since Aidan is already "in love" I wonder if she will marry her soul mate. Will Blade, the object of the young lady's desire, fall in love with her. At the moment she is simply an unwanted distraction and yet there is something protective about the way Blade treats this lovable and vivacious charater.

The question of the day is what is a soul mate? Do they really exist? Can someone fall in love "at first sight?" So all of you incurable romantics out there, what do you think?

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Allura will be released by awe-struck books next month. This book is the first in a series of twelve books. They were conceived several years ago with the help of my youngest daughter who was in middle school at the time. I cherish these books, in part, because of the wonderful time I had with Jenee. She plotted their horoscopes, gave them physical characteristics, and fantastic personalities. I have only written three of the twelve books, but I'm hoping that when I retire, I will have more time to settle down and finish all the stories.

The origional concept was a fairy tale based on the twelve dancing princesses. Where did they dissapear to each evening? Their father was beside himself to discover this mystery.

In this series, there are three families, all related in some way. Each family has four daughters and yes, they too dissapear. Where do they go? The father of the oldest child, Allura, distributes a handbill over all of England and Scotland. He pledges to give the hand in marriage of his oldest daughter to the man who can discover their secret.

Of course, Allura is outraged. She is a kick-ass heroine in the regency period, and she doesn't appreciate all the medling done by her father.