Dreamweaver of Night Owl Review says:
Betrayals, hidden agendas, dangerous Pinkertons looking to collect on the reward offered for Emma’s capture and an endearing love story outline this unforgettable tale. I followed along the trails with Emma and Dakota eagerly awaiting the resolution of their story. This is definitely a page-turner you will not want to put down.

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More says:
Dakota’s Bride is a remarkable story. I love the description of Dakota; he is a man who oozes charm and lots of chemistry, especially when he and Emma are bonded together. This incredible romance is one I positively fell in love with and is good enough to read again and again. Christine Young sketches characters and landscapes that this reader could visualize. I particularly enjoyed sharing the journey that Dakota and Emma endured. The supporting cast blended well in this unforgettable read that I loved.

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