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Title: Pleasing Arie

            Bad Boys Book Six

Author: Christine Young

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Heat Level:


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Alison Fletcher is stunned by the magnificently handsome Arie Demir who buys her and expects her to become his slave.


BLURB: Pleasing Arie


He's a bad bad boy...


Arie Demir has never been denied anything in his life. He takes what he wants. What he undeniably yearns for is the beautiful redheaded spitfire he sees in a restaurant in Glasgow. At every turn, she confuses him by disputing his power over her. Alison refuses to accept the fact he owns her. While Arie tries desperately with patience and tenderness to drive her wild with new sensations, his scorching kisses ignite the fires of her very soul to make her understand he is all she will ever want. 


...but is she pleasing him?


Alison Fletcher never expected to find herself kidnapped and sold to a whorehouse then bought by a Turkish sultan to become his slave. She vows to never surrender to the arrogant man who believes he owns her. She is stunned by the magnificently handsome man who awaits her compliance. Unexpectedly, she finds Arie the lesser of all the evils. The hidden depths of his mesmerizing dark brown eyes hold her into their power; his muscular embrace makes her weak with desire. She is his to do with as he wishes.



EXCERPT: Pleasing Arie


Arie stared at the doorknob for a few seconds before he slowly opened the door. Alison was still standing at the window, dressed in the see-through lavender harem pants and bolero jacket he gave her a few days past. Without a second thought, he grinned, appreciating the view, the finely sculpted curves. From the back she was just as beautiful as he imagined, her vibrant red hair spilling to below her waist, curling around her, tested all his senses.


“Go away.”

“Afraid I can’t do that.” He stepped inside the room, closing the door behind him. The outside lock turned as he walked toward her. “We need to speak, to understand each other. I need you to comprehend why you are here rather than the brothel.”

“Who are you?” Her voice quivered when she spoke. 

Her shoulders were stiff. Still she didn’t turn around. He didn’t need to see her face. Her visage was etched in his memory.

Arie understood this would not be easy between them. Now, he wasn’t sure if she was terrified or angry, perhaps both. He hoped it was anger causing her body to shake. Anger he could deal with much easier than fear. He prayed she didn’t cry. There would be no tears. Despite the lecture from Chelsea, Alison wasn’t going anywhere. She was his for as long as he wanted her.

In any case, Ali had nowhere to go. Donovan sold her house after selling her to the whorehouse. She had nothing save what he would give her.

“My name is Arie.” 

He stood beside her, looking out the window, his body barely touching her shoulder. A crescent moon stood out in a cloudless sky while brilliant stars emerged as the city lights dimmed even more with the hour.

“Then, Arie, what am I doing here?” she asked, her voice tense. “You have no right to keep me prisoner.”

“Do you want me to be brutally frank?” 

He smiled, wondering exactly how she would react when he gave her the truth of her existence now.

“Brutal?” she queried, her eyes wide as she turned to look at him, her hands fisted at her sides. “Everything that has happened to me in the last couple of days has been brutal. I’m a free woman. You’ve no right to hold me in this house.”

“You didn’t answer my question. I find I cannot continue on without an honest answer from you.” He smiled, realizing this woman was not afraid of him; defiant yes, angry yes, but not afraid.

She turned away from him, her hands on the windowsill seeming to support all her slight weight. He was afraid when she learned the truth she would no longer be able to stand on her own.

“Why would you be anything less than honest?” Her voice quivered while her shoulders trembled.

“Perhaps you should sit down first.” He turned to the pillows and bedding gracing the floor behind them. “Have something to eat, a sip or two of the fine wine I’ve procured for us. You should relax.”

“I’m not hungry or thirsty. I don’t want to relax.” She moved to look at the pillows then him. “I’ll stand, thank you.”



KEYWORDS: Historical, Romance, Scottish, Highlands, Bad Boys, Regency



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He's a bad bad boy... Alison Fletcher never expected to find herself kidnapped and sold to a whorehouse then bought by a Turkish sultan to become his slave. She vows to never surrender to the arrogant man. Unexpectedly, she finds Arie the lesser of all the evils. Arie Demir has never been denied anything in his life...but is she pleasing him?

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