Saturday, February 04, 2012

I Believe in Faeries--Do You?

Faeries and other magical creatures have a very special place in books and legends. They can have all the characteristics of people good and bad, mischievous and well behaved. I particularly love the pagan faeries but what is that steals our hearts. Could the fact that they are so tiny, pull at our heartstrings or their beautiful wings. I have pictures of fairies on my blog and in my office. Rogues Angels wrote a St. Patricks Day Anthology and my angels were wonderful and so much fun to write. There were two good angels--oops, I mean faeries and two pagan faeries. The pagan faeries managed to find a way to another century. Quite accidentally. I'm looking forward to working on the angels next project together which will be a May Day anthology with lots of rituals and traditions.

What kind of supernatural powers do you believe in?

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