Thursday, February 09, 2012

What To Do Around a May Poll?

Well dance I suppose.

This in honor of our glorious full moon. Here in Oregon, we can't see it tonight because of the rain but yesterday it was beautiful.

I'm working on a May Day novella for next year. Must name my characters and do some brainstorming on the plot. Not sure where I want to go with this--a little bit pagan--a little bit fun. I know I have to have a may poll. More on this later. For now I'm finishing an edit and then on to more blogs for my VBT with Goddess Fish for my contemporary romance Safari Moon. Must get some of these done this weekend. Between edits, blogging, babysitting and walking I feel like a push-me-pull me doll. Now enough with the negative and on to more work.

Answer from yesterdays blog is:

c)  St. Petersburg

were you right? Hmm... I would have never guessed this one.

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