Sunday, February 12, 2012

What If You Have To Write A Novel With A Disney Movie Theme?

What if you had to choose a Disney movie to incorporate into a story of your own? This type of writing from fairytales seems to be the in thing right now. Lots of this type of story line on the new television shows--might have even replaced some of the vampire stories. For me this is a welcome relief.

Back to Disney movies, the most logical choices of course would be the romances. Wait a minute aren't most of them romances?

Not all, but could you write a modern day romance using, say, Lady and the Tramp. Of course, what do we have but the classic uptown chick and the downtown bad boy.

Beauty and the Beast is a classic and I believe many people have used this theme in their modern day romances. The beautiful heroine, after many trials, falls in love with the scarred hideous beast. There are so many variations of this theme.

Of course Cinderella comes to mind. A woman having to wait hand and foot on the evil stepmother and her horrendous demanding daughters. Everyone loves Cinderella and work night and day to help her. But not until the prince falls in love with her and has the strength to search for her is she freed from this horrible plight.

I think I would use a story like Lady and the Tramp. I've always liked the bad boy. But I think I would put a twist on this and instead of the bad boy, I'd have the bad girl. Of course the handsome rich young man from the richer communities would see through all her insecurities. He will not "tame" her because he loves her the way she is but he will find a way to help her see how really good she is.

What movie would you choose?


Nickie Fleming said...

I'd choose 'Beauty and the Beast'. As a matter of fact, I've written a short story in which this theme occured.

Christine Young said...

Disney themes are so classical. Nickie, I'm sure this was a fun story to write.