Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What If Wednesday: What If You Could Live For A Year In A Book You Have Written

Your imagination has taken root. You have traveled back in time to write a historical or maybe you have created your own world of wonder and intrigue in a fantasy or futuristic. Falling in love with a hero or a setting is not unusual for a writer.

If you could live for a year in one of your novels, which one would it be?
What character would you become?
Would you change the outcome or push the hero and heroine into making better decisions. Of course this would affect the outcome of your story. Or perhaps you would choose to be the hero or heroine.

My back log of books is pretty extensive and I'm not sure I have a favorite story or one I can separate from the others. Castles, knights in shining armor, banners and tournaments all of these things that belong to the past fascinate me. Did I forget Highlanders in kilts? No way...

On the off side, drafty castles, less than stellar living conditions, no antiseptic for cuts and bruises, no pain killers for simple headaches.

However, I would probably like to give it a try, live in all of my books. But I believe I would start with Highland Honor one of my Scottish Historicals. I would be a trusted hand maiden who could impart knowledge and encouragement. Lady Callie is far too innocent and trusting. She doesn't have a cynical bone in her body. Although she is a strong character, I do believe she could use a little contemporary wisdom. She doesn't need any more backbone. It could be said she has a little too much. Callie definitely needs to find a way to stand up to her very Alpha male Hawke without putting her own life in jeopardy.

Answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question;
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Castles, I Love Them
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