Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What If Wednesday

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What if you were contracted to write a novel with a shapeshifter for a hero or heroine. If there were no guidelines, I think I would go with the dolphin. I've never really thought about this before even though I love shapeshifter novels.

So why a dolphin? 

Source: via Julia on Pinterest

I dolphins are highly intelligent animals. They seem to be attracted to humans and of course they live in the water. There was a time in my life where I felt as though I lived in the water. Training dolphins was also a profession I never pursued but have always been fascinated with.

Wolves would be my second choice because they also are intelligent and they are so misunderstood. One would think that by this time, and all of the research done on the wolf that people would begin to believe they are not the horrible creatures of "Little Red Riding Hood" status. My  hero in Safari Moon is photographing wolves in the Alaskan wilderness. And well, had I thought of this before, Solo certainly could have been a shapeshifter.

I'm not sure what my third choice would be. Perhaps a lion all tawny and strong. But the male lion is a bit lazy from all I have read. The female does most of the work. Of course that could be said of a lot of the mammals in the animal kingdom.

What animal would you choose?

Answer to Tuesday's Trivia question: Lee Harvey Oswald.

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Angela Castle said...

I may be a little byest, but I love the agility and strength of the big predator cats. I big cuddly tiger!
Angela Castle.