Sunday, February 05, 2012

What Would You Take With You?

If your home was on fire and you had just enough time to take one thing with your, what would it be? Of course the time period might make a difference. Some, might snatch their computer. But in the 1800's this would not be possible. Hmm... Some, in any time, would take a keepsake or memento that brought back memories of a time past. Some, could decide to retrieve pictures or paintings.

What would your hero or heroine feel would be the most important item to save?

In Safari Moon, Solo would make sure he had his grandmothers engagement ring and if there was time after that he would have to take the pictures he had been working on. Nyssa would the picture she has of Solo.

Most of my character have a piece of jewelry that is very important to them and they of course would save that.

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