Friday, January 07, 2011

Camelia reviews the Wager

The secondary characters, while important in the unfolding of the plot, pale in light of the strong personalities of Amorica and Damian, who both feel and function with extreme emotions that bring about hostile scenes as well as love scenes that take the breath away. The climax of The Wager, a terrifying experience, takes Amorica and Damian passed old negative emotions and clears the way for each of them to acknowledge true feelings. Some of the spellbinding scenes in The Wager squeeze out the last drop of emotion. Yet, I felt as though I was on the outside looking in rather than having a vicarious experience with the characters. However, too much was going on and too much was at stake for me to put the book down until I found out how this high drama worked out. Amorica and Damian’s happy-ever-after is hard won with both emotional and physical scars to prove it.


Jenee Koci said...

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Sounds like an interesting book.

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