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Christine Presents: Crib Sheets

Crib Sheet/Cheat Sheets, perhaps notes.

As a teacher, back in the day, I remember the day when chest sheets were considered...cheating. Well, they were then but as I approached retirement, unfortunately, chest sheets became a necessary evil. Many students stopped studying. They needed cheat sheets to pass tests. I hate to say it but I became a supporter of this. I reasoned that if they took the time to make notes then perhaps they would remember the info and not need the cheat sheet. Sigh... I'm sure it worked for some.

As a writer, I love having the information on the side of my computer. A click and I have what I'm looking for.

Do you use cheat sheets? I do.

1. I have compiled a list of he/she said notes which I keep handy while I write.

2. There is a list of Chapter/Scene sheets on my blog. I make notes which I can pull up about the scene. This sheet includes so much info I tend to not use all of it just what works for said scene.

3. Also on my blog one can find personality traits. Again, I think if I listed everything on this sheet for each of my characters, I would never get the book started. But I do make notes and jot down the most important traits for that character for said book. (Which I keep in a folder on my computer.)

4. As I gather research info I copy and paste for future reference. In the day of Google this is so easy.
I remember when I used 3 x 5 note cards and had to shuffle through them. OMG and when we all had to go to the library and sift through book after book for the needed information. I rarely found everything I wanted.

Life of a writer is soooo....much easier than it used to be.

Please feel free to look through my blog and use anything that takes your fancy.

Forever His is the final book in my Lakota/Pinkerton series. You can purchase the first two books, Dakota's Bride and My Angel for just $0.99

Forever His by Chrsitine Young
Excerpt Heat Level:
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August 30, 1895
Near Buffalo Creek,
South Dakota

The sun beat down. Searing heat waves hit the hard packed earth, blistering, charring everything, even the dry prairie grass. Jacob St. John, his arms stretched overhead and bound to a whipping post, no longer counted the lashes tearing into his back, no longer felt the horrific agony.

More than a half-dozen men and one woman were gathered in the sage-patched backyard of the run-down shack. So far not one person made a sound as they watched Chavez wield the whip, stripping the flesh off his back.

If Chavez weren't so angry and seeking revenge of his own, he would probably have just had him shot. Revenge was a powerful motive. Chavez wanted Jacob to suffer, to yell before he died. It seemed Etta Barringer did too. So far Chavez was toying with him, taunting and teasing him, cutting an inch here, ripping an inch there, not doing much damage but making mincemeat out of his back.

Jacob hadn't made a sound yet, not even a sharp, indrawn breath. He wasn't about to even though he knew Chavez would get impatient and start slashing. There was no hurry. Chavez had as long as he wanted. No one save Etta knew where he was, no one would come looking for him, at least not until the sun went down. By then Chavez would be done with him, and he would either be dead or buzzard-bait. For the life of him, he couldn't figure why Etta would hand him over to Chavez. She had always been Pinkerton to the core, yet she had betrayed him once before. If he survived this, he meant to have answers. He'd move heaven and earth to search out the lying Etta Barringer and find out exactly what she had against him.

The pain of betrayal at the forefront of his mind, and vows of revenge against the instigator of this kept him going. He focused on the woman's laughter and the scent of lemons that permeated his soul.

He had been taken by surprise. Still, he didn't go down easily. It took all of Chavez's men to get him bound securely to the post in back of the shack. And of those men, not one came away from the encounter without a scratch. Blood from the multitude of small cuts Chavez had inflicted ran in rivulets from his back, pooling on the parched thirsty ground, soaking into the dirt, staining it.

He stood, his head proudly erect and that seemed to draw anger from Chavez. The grip of his fingers curled around the top of the post, the only sign of Jacob's pain--and fury.

The first real stroke of the whip felt like a red-hot branding iron searing across his back. Jacob didn't flinch, nor would he as long as he could hear her laughter or smell lemons floating languidly on the breeze. He wished he could see her, stare into her beguiling, green eyes until she knew he'd never stop hunting for her. Fury at his own weakness rose, and the anger he felt deep inside simmered, because she'd always attracted him. Ever since she showed up in a small town in Oregon, seduced him then drugged him and left him to sleep off the opium-laced whiskey, she'd fascinated him.

Concentrate on her--on what you're going to do when you find her again . . .


Christine Young has done it again in this historical romance. The blizzards, betrayal, deceit and a ruthless bandito like Chavez made this a great romance.

Melinda for Night Owl Romance     5 out of 5

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