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Addicted to Writing Presents Sci/fi Fantasy Saturday: Guardian's Shadow by Khloe Wren

Title: Guardian's Shadow
Fire and Snow: Book Three
Author: Khloe Wren

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 4

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Jessie believes he’s the only snow leopard shifter. Until a car rally has him in Rosebury where he meets his mate. A fiery redheaded firefighter who is not happy he’s kept her waiting.


Jessie loves his life as a carefree rally driver, until a chance meeting with a sexy red haired firefighter changes everything. As a Comet Shifter, Jessie’s never met another Snow Leopard shifter before finding Kit, the woman who’s haunted his dreams for the past five years.

Kit’s one tough female. She’s been keeping herself busy protecting those she cares for but deep inside she craves her mate. When her path finally crosses with Jessie sparks fly … and they aren’t all the good kind!

Just as they begin to get along, Kit’s dark secret is revealed, and it’s not only Jessie and Kit that will be put to the test in the aftermath.


"Hey, Soph. Thanks for calling so fast."
"No problem, kitten. You know I'm always here for you. So, what's been happening? Those hot shot rally drivers giving you grief?"
"Nah, you know me, it's nothing I can't handle."
The hairs on Sophie's neck stood up at the strained tone her girl was using, and the fact Kit didn’t tell her off for using the nickname they’d first used with her when they found her. Normally, she was quick to tell them that she was far from a kitten.
"So, what's tugging at your tail then?"
"My mate."
Jake stiffened behind her as Sophie sucked in a shocked breath.
"Finally. He's found you."
"Not on purpose, he didn't. Oh, Soph. What do I do? He looked totally shocked to see me. Then another driver trash talked him, and the boys heard and became instant bodyguards. He just stormed off. Didn't even look back."
Jake leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Ask for his name. I'm going to find him tomorrow and help fix this."
She smiled as she glanced up at her mate, her alpha. Always there for their leap.
"You know your leap brothers will always have your back, Kit. They didn't do anything to him did they? And, Kit? Does this mystery man have a name?"
She chuckled a little at that, "His name is Jessie Lutrec. A playboy rally driver from Chile. And no, the boys didn't overstep with him. They didn't need to." Kit's heavy sigh came through the line.
"Are you sure you want to work the rally this year? You sound worn out and it hasn't even officially started yet. I know you’re still worried over the situation with Tina."
"Yeah, but Tina's safe now she's with Conner and living at your place, and if I stayed I would have gone looking for that bitch Robyn myself. And as much as the woman has it coming, I don't want to risk ending up in the system for taking her down."
Kit had never explained her reasons for wanting to keep such a low profile and Sophie and Jake had let her have her secrets. The situation with their youngest son wasn't good. His wheelchair bound mate had been left in a burning house by the woman hired to care for her, Robyn, and Conner had been hurt saving her from the flames. They were thankfully both all right now and living with her and Jake. But Robyn was still at large.
"Tina's father has arrived now. So, hopefully it will all be cleared up soon with Tina safe and with Conner."
"I hope so. I like her. She hasn't deserved the shit she's copped."
"Much like you, Kit. Neither of you have deserved any of the pain you've been dealt. I suspect Jessie has had his fair share of rejection and hurt too. I wonder if he's ever met another shifter. You know he's been dreaming of you for the past four years now, quite probably with no idea why. Seeing you today, realizing you're real and not simply a figment of his imagination would have been quite the shock."
Kit didn't respond straight away and Sophie's muscles tightened. Had she said the wrong thing and put Kit off side?
"Still think that's totally unfair. Why can't the women dream of their mates? I would have tracked him down years ago if I'd only known what he looked like."
She smiled as pride for her girl filled her. "Yet you tried to find him. Don't think for a moment Jake and I didn't know what those trips were about a few years back. You were searching Chile weren't you?"
Kit chuckled a little. "Yeah. I knew he'd be in South America. Since I was born in Chile, I assumed he'd be there. Damn, I was so naive. I thought if I simply walked around for long enough, he would see me and come get me. The two trips just confirmed that my leap family here in Tasmania is my home and life. I got so homesick on both trips, Soph. That's why I didn't go a third time."
"You know. Now you've seen Jessie, you can pull him into a bond-dream?"
"Really? I thought the male had to at least start things off."
"Adele pulled Dominic into a dream to tell him she was moving to Tasmania. Not many women initiate them. They don't normally have to. But I doubt Jessie knows about mates, Kit. I suspect he's currently more confused than you are about today. He's a lost one, kitten. Don't be too hard on the man just yet. You remember what it was like before Jake and I found you?"
"Yeah, it was horrific. Thinking I was some kind of freak that no one would ever want."
"Jessie's probably been feeling like that for the best part of the past ten years. Now he's been identified, he won't be alone anymore. Jake will contact him tomorrow and start educating him on what he is and his heritage. We'll help you both every step of the way, Kit."
"The whole leap will know."
The crack in Kit's voice brought tears to Sophie's eyes. She could understand Kit's fear of rejection but it was so unnecessary and heartbreaking.

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