Sunday, April 12, 2015

Addicted to Writing Presents Romance Sunday: Stranded Domme by Tamsin Baker

Author: Tamsin Baker

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance, BDSM
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 5

Natalie is a professional Domme, in total control of her emotions and her life. When her car breaks down outside of a small town, she is rescued by a quiet gentleman with all the strength of a good submissive. They have a wonderful night where Natalie breaks her own rules, yet doesn’t regret allowing Mick into her bed. When Natalie returns to her real life she feels the lack of her country gentleman and invites him to her club. She offers him a play collar and shows him off to her friends. All is in order for Natalie, but Mick is feeling less than enthusiastic about being kept on the outside of Natalie’s heart. They need to find a balance quickly, or their budding relationship will soon be over.


“Honestly Mick, I don’t mind. I do like Thai. Can you show me a bedroom so I can get out of these clothes?”
She gestured to her body again and saw his eyes catch on her hard nipples. Yes, she wanted to purr. Let him see how aroused she was at the mere thought of entering his home.
He cleared his throat and got out of the car awkwardly.
“Of course, let me grab your bags.”
Natalie let him pick up all three bags and they walked inside. He turned to the right and indicated two bedrooms off the hallway.
“You can have either of these if you like.”
She looked into both neat and tidy rooms. She picked the one with the solid looking chair in it and pointed.
“That one, please.”
Mick smiled and walked into the room in front of her. He placed her suitcase and laptop on the floor and the play bag on the bed. It clinked and rustled as he set it down.
Laughing, he asked. “What on Earth is in that?”
Natalie smiled, stepped forward and unzipped the bag slowly. He had given her the perfect opening and she wasn’t going to waste it. It was time to reveal all her cards. If they were to be intimate in one way or another, he needed to know what she wanted.
“This is my play bag, I go nowhere without it.”
She met his shocked expression with a smile.
“I’m a professional Domme. Do you know what that is?”
Natalie pulled open the sides of the roller bag and revealed an assortment of toys. Handcuffs, nipple clamps, scarves, dildos, floggers and a few choice favorite pieces.
“These hand cuffs are obviously to restrain my play partner, the nipple clamps are a great tool for heightening pleasure, as is the dildo. My floggers add a little pain and spice to the experience too.”
Mick gasped but stepped closer, his eyes narrowed. His fingers moved to the nipple clamps in a very telling way, caressing the metal in an almost reverent way.
Natalie smiled, pleasure spreading through her with the flutters of anticipation. He was going to do so well.
“Would you like to play after dinner, Mick?”
His head shot up and he stepped back abruptly.
“I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like that.”
She smiled, pleased that he was considering it and watched the emotions flitting across his face. Panic, desire, sexual hunger and many others she couldn’t decipher.
He was obviously quite dominant in real life, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy submitting her.
“You don’t need experience, just a willingness to try. The rules are simple. I say what happens, if I tie your hands, if I feel how smooth your skin is under my fingers. I will also discover if you like a bit of pain with your pleasure. Of course you can say no to anything that doesn’t turn you on, and if you want the whole scene to finish, you have a safe word and everything stops. Basically, you put yourself in my hands and I will bring us both pleasure.”
He swallowed, his pupils dilated. He was aroused, good. So was she. Her pussy ached something fierce, quite an unusual feeling for her.
But then, this wasn’t a usual situation in any way.
“Perhaps we could eat first?”
She laughed, surprised and pleased that he had broken the tension with such ease.
“Yes Mick. That sounds like the perfect plan. I also need a bath, though I do enjoy being bathed. Perhaps, you would like to start with that?”
Mick flushed pink but nodded.
 “I would like that.”
Natalie giggled, amazed at her own relief. She had actually worried he would say no to her. It would have been a first, and it was not what she wanted, either. She made shooing motions with her hands, wanting dinner over and done with now he had agreed.
Options were already racing through her head. Perhaps she should resist the urge to use her toys and just tie him up? No, she would see how he went with her bath and go from there.
“Then go order dinner, Mick and I’ll use your bathroom.”
Mick stepped toward her and dropped his head. Frozen to the spot with surprise, she didn’t move when he kissed her lightly then moved past her into the hall and beyond.
 Natalie fell backwards and landed on the firm mattress with a thump. No one had kissed her lips in years and never without her permission. She raised a hand to her lips in awe. They still tingled. Amazing how natural it had been. She admired his confidence to do such a thing, yet knew she wouldn’t like it if they were in play mode.
She stood up on slightly shaking legs and pushed her skirt off her hips, relieved to be out of the confined material. She slipped her hand beneath her panties and moved her fingertips through her pussy lips. They were swollen, sensitive and sticky. Ridiculous to be so aroused from anticipation and a simple kiss.
She toyed with her clit for a moment, making herself gasp before pulling her fingers away. Incredible. When was the last time she had felt like this?
Probably, never her inner voice taunted her.
She would let Mick make her come tonight, if he could. Playing or no playing. She needed this moment of freedom, an exception to all her rules. Her body had made the fact it wanted him, achingly clear.
Natalie pulled a pair of black track pants out of her overnight bag and tugged them on. Dinner first, she needed to bond with Mick. Let him get to know her a little, make him comfortable. If she was honest with herself, she also wanted to get to know him a little better.
Then, they would play.

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