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Title: Crazy for Cam
            Bad Boys Book Two
Author: Christine Young
Genre: Historical Romance
Book Heat Level: 

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Lord Cam MacEwen tries his best to be proper, but the feat proves impossible when
Chelsea MacTavish uses every means at her disposal to tempt him.


He's a bad bad boy...

Lord Cam MacEwen, Viscount of Rosehill, tries his best to be proper and court the lady of his dreams in the acceptable way. The feat proves impossible when the lady in question uses every means at her disposal to tempt him. He fights his jealousy for another man as well as the need to make her his own, finally giving in to her irresistible passion.

...but she's crazy for him.

Chelsea MacTavish wants the bad boy she fell in love with and kissed just before her eighteenth birthday. With feminine wiles and irresistible allure, the sensuous lady plans to best Cam at his game of hearts and make him forget his need to court her properly.


“If you’ll have me, I’m your cad.” 
            Sitting down beside her, he placed her hand in his, slowly tracing tiny circles on the underside of her wrist then running his fingertip up then down her arm. She shivered at the gentle strokes. “It’s a long story. Are you willing to listen?”
            “Does it begin nine months ago?” She wanted a complete explanation. “You’re a cad,” she told him again, turning her head away, unwilling to fall victim to his compelling eyes as well as the wide charming grin that stole her heart every time he flashed it at her.
            “Yes and no about the time period, not my being a cad. Where you’re concerned, I guess I deserve the title, but I intend to rectify that.” When she looked at him again, he placed a fingertip on her lips, stopping her comment. “Let’s start with my discretions and what happened this morning in my office.”
            She meant to remain cautious. Cam could rip her heart out and tear it into tiny shreds if she let him. Arie had told her as much, caution, and don’t give him everything he asks for, her sister’s advice.
            “I’m listening.” She moistened her lips, almost as if she anticipated a kiss.
            “This morning I asked Leod for some advice, and I ended up giving him some of my own which, when I realized what I was telling him, he might apply to you since in the process I discovered he was courting you. At that point I wasn’t sure what to do, so I offered a willing woman to him, one who could teach him how to treat a lady.”
            “You asked Leod for advice? I’ve a hard time believing that.” The confession nearly made her laugh and quite literally stole her anger for the moment. She would have to remain stronger.
He traced the line of her neck, sending goose bumps down her arms. “It’s the   God’s honest truth, but I do find I won’t be able to use any of his advice. His way of courting just won’t work for me. I wanted to do this properly, and I’m still going to try but—”
            “Why is that?” she interrupted, needing to run her finger along the smile forming on his lips. She realized instantly he would suck her finger into his mouth and she would allow him to do anything. If this was her version of not giving into this man, it wasn’t going to work.
            “You're just too beautiful and hard to resist,” Cam murmured, his mouth so close to her ear she felt his breath as he spoke. She thought he might touch the tip with his tongue.
            “Cam...why really.” Her voice shook as her body seemed to be melting with desire for this man who treated her despicably.
            “Because I’m going to kiss you like I did so long ago, not a chaste kiss but one where I’ll hear those tiny sounds in the back of your throat. The ones that make all of me smile.”
            “Arrogant.” She did touch him then, traced his lips with her finger, wishing she dared give into everything he asked for. Perhaps that ploy would result in all her dreams coming true.



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