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Rogue's Angels Present: When Lions Roar by Karen Leigh Gruber

Please welcome Karen Leigh Gruber author of When Lions Roar

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When Lions Roar
by Karen Leigh Gruber


GENRE: Women’s Fiction


Can you describe your dream home?
Oh, this is a juicy question and I am so fortunate that I am currently living in my dream home. What makes it so dreamy to me are all the beautiful areas where I can sit and write, where I can cook meals, where I can be with and enjoy my family. The views of the mountains, a beautiful garden view, a park view, being surrounded by nature and by such beauty is so nourishing to me. I love where I live, I can't think of anything that I would change.

If we were to come to your house for a meal, what would you give us to eat?
I would make for you my homemade spaghetti and meatballs that my husband and I learned to make at an Italian cooking class.

Tell us about the absolute BEST fan letter you have received.
I have yet to receive a fan letter, so maybe you can be the first. When I reached out to peers and colleagues to do some advanced reviews of When Lions Roarfor me, I was absolutely blown away and humbled by how deeply some of these women were touched by my work. It was ecstasy, it was relief, it was joy. What I had wanted so very much for this book was happening. To see and witness that and have it reflected to me was absolutely mind blowing.

Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go?
I'm thinking about this question way too hard. It shouldn't be this difficult. Does a flight around the world with multiple stops count as cheating? Wow, I think I would go to Scandinavia. I recently found out that my genealogy is linked primarily to Finland. I would love to go and spend time up there exploring, discovering, and seeing what comes of that. When Lions Roaris inspired by a trip I took to Africa, it would be fun to see what inspiration I received in Scandinavia and the story that would come forth.

Who designed the book cover for the book you are touring?
Victoria Wolf of Wolf Design and Marketing. Victoria has been amazing to work with. Being a newbie published author and not having done the whole cover selection and design before, she was so patient and listened and helped me zero in and bring my intent of When Lions Roarto life. Where we ended was not at all, much to my benefit, what I thought I wanted the cover to be. I am so lucky to work with her.


Two women from different lands, each struggling to survive; a child’s mysterious disappearance will alter both their lives forever…

Maggie has become unrecognizable to herself, succumbing to the predictability of being a mother and wife. Every day she reminds her daughter to brush her teeth, has the same conversation with her husband about what’s for dinner. Maggie struggles to cope with the disenchantment of the monotonous tedium that has become her life. Despite her boredom, when her husband David is called on assignment to South Africa, Maggie resents having to rearrange her life just because David has decided they all need to traipse halfway across the globe.

While on safari, Maggie awakens one morning to a mother’s worst nightmare; their daughter Hannah has gone missing. Just when things can’t get any worse, Maggie is confronted with the harsh truth of her emotionally abusive marriage and what she has allowed her life to become.

When Lions Roar is set against the backdrop of the exotic and intriguing landscape of South Africa, when the country is reeling from the aftershocks of apartheid. Will Maggie find the strength and courage to abandon the fragile ties of her marriage and confront her self-destruction in time to save the life of her daughter?



I moved from the hall into the kitchen. Without a moment’s hesitation, I reached for the cabinet door, the one that is closest to the refrigerator, the one that contained my relief. I reached for the bottle. It slid off the shelf with a satisfying sound, but I quickly realized it only had a sip or two left. Damn it, not nearly enough. I padded out to the garage where we keep all our spares. Just the way David likes it: spare toilet paper, spare baggies, backups of all our canned goods, and for me, of course, a generous backup supply of alcohol. I grabbed my favorite vodka and headed back inside. On the way in, I noticed a candy wrapper on the floor of the garage—a Dum Dum wrapper, to be exact—Mystery Flavor, if I was not mistaken. 

I’ll pick that up later, I thought to myself. My hands were a bit full. And right then, I had more important things to tend to. 

Back in the kitchen, I pulled myself a nice long pour, then to the fridge for some juice. Damn it, again. I was out of cranberry juice. It would have to be Diet 7-Up today. I topped off my glass with a splash of the soda, and I headed back to the front of the house. I passed the mirror yet again. For the third time that day, I looked into the mirror, but this time I raised my glass, and looking into my own deep blue eyes, I mocked, “Here’s looking at you, kid.” 

I regarded myself as I took a deep, long drink.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Karen Gruber is an international #1 best-selling contributing author, inspirational speaker, and a Leadership Development Coach for women and moms. She specializes in inspiring moms to realize their potential as mothers, women, and leaders. Karen has had extensive specialized training in parenting, feminine spirituality, and leadership.  Over the past 15 years she has provided innovative leadership coaching for moms and has dramatically transformed her own life.

Sharing her life with her husband Jim and daughter Jaymie, presenting her message to other women, and traveling the world bring her the greatest joy.

She is the founder of The Inspired Mama, a company located in gorgeous Denver, Colorado that focuses on the inspiration, leadership, and wellbeing of women and moms.
When Lions Roar is Karen’s debut fictional work. She is freakish about Christmas lights and loves to play Baccarat.  

Website:          https://theinspiredmama.com/
Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/karen.kraussgruber
Instagram:       https://www.instagram.com/inspiredmama/



One randomly chosen winner via rafflecopter will win a $50 Amazon/BN.com gift card.


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