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Title: Daybreak

            A Howl in the Night Book four

Author: Courtney Rene

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance

Book Heat Level: 2


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Life goes on with Abby struggling to find her way in the world of the shape shifters. Just when things look like they are settling down and she is settling in, chaos hits. 


BLURB: Daybreak


Time moves forward as Abby continues her struggle and fight, to find her way in the world of the shape shifters, as well as her place within her own family and clans. Just when things look like they are finally settling down and she is settling in, chaos strikes. The wolf clans are not as closed and as tight-knit a community as Abby had been led to believe. There are others out in the world, that include shapeshifters and Hunterz alike, and they are finding their way to her, as currently she is the only young female shifter around.



EXCERPT: Daybreak


Without saying anything, we headed out toward where the forest met the open grassy area. As we got closer to the forest, the faster I walked. Derek picked up the pace as well. Soon we were running barefoot across the grass full out toward the trees. I was laughing freely. Derek looked at me with a full-on toothy smile. That moment was pure happiness.

As we neared the forest, I stripped off my shirt and shorts. Derek did the same. I hesitated to remove the last of my clothes, but it was necessary to shift. Derek didn’t have any hesitation. He dropped his boxers and shifted in one smooth motion. I could do the same if I wanted, but not so much with an audience. As Derek was busy shifting, I also tossed my bra and panties and shifted quickly.

My body stretched and contorted to the shape of a wolf. A bit bigger than your standard, everyday wild wolf, and I was a beautiful one at that. Sleek shiny coat. My eyes retained the blue of my human self, so they were striking in my wolf form. I was pretty hot as a wolf. I just was.

Derek may be fine running about naked and free, but I was not. I wondered if I ever would be and would it actually be a good thing? Then all thoughts and worries were gone. We just ran. We raced through the trees. Jumped over obstacles made up of fallen branches and logs.

I felt elated and edgy at the same time. While in human form, I had more control of my emotions and feelings. In the form of my wolf it was more about instinct and needs. Like with meat, I could turn away from it without much issue as a human, but the moment the wolf came to the forefront, it was not as easy and in fact almost impossible. Food was not what my wolf was interested in though right then. The edginess in her was due to something way different.

The wolf and I were one being; we were one of the few shapeshifters who had been able to find a balance between the two entities. I was in fact the first, but my Great Aunt Lilly had been able to do it a few months back. This was proof it was possible to do, but so far, not many had. Two, in fact, had done it. Just two.

However, even with the balance, my wolf part and my human part, we each gave the other side more control depending on what shape we were using. As a wolf, I used the wolf’s needs and instincts and allowed them to have more say as that was the wolf’s area of expertise. As a human, the human needs and instincts took more power. The two sides intermingled well, but sometimes one side took control when it wasn’t its turn, but for the most part, I handled both aspects well.

I had a vague feeling I was about to be a little out of my element. I was acutely aware Derek’s wolf was right behind me. Almost on top of me. My body felt warm and my muscles were humming with tension. We were coming to a wide path and I slowed my pace to allow Derek to catch up and pace next me. I slowed us even more and moved in closer to him so I could brush my long body against his.

His dark face whipped around to stare at me. Wolves don’t really smile. Even as a shifter, they don’t smile. Our emotions and language are all in our eyes and our body movement. I turned my head just a bit to stare back at him, my head at a cocky angle and my eyes closing just enough to give off a sultry look. Or what I assumed was sultry. I hadn’t exactly flirted before in the wolf form.



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