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Title: Dancing With Donal

         Bad Boys Book Four

Author: Christine Young

Genre: Historical romance

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Daryl MacTavish yearns for a life where she makes decisions for herself until she meets bad boy Donal Chamberlin with his carefree ways.


BLURB: Dancing With Donal


He's a bad bad boy...


Once a bad boy always a bad boy, Donal Chamberlin's carefree ways come crashing down around him when he meets the ravishingly beautiful Daryl MacTavish, the innocent little sister of one of his best friends. He is determined to win her heart as he sets his sights on marriage and an heir. His past gets in the way of his quest when a woman he once loved threatens Daryl's life.


...but she's dancing with him.


Daryl has seen the control her sister's husbands hold over them. She yearns for a life where she makes decisions for herself. No man will have power over her. But no man kisses her the way Donal does. No man can make her forget all her goals leaving her helpless to give up her dreams. Yet Donal is determined to dance through all the barriers she thrust in front of him, pursuing her until she says yes.


EXCERPT: Dancing With Donal


He would remember that kiss forever.

She was too young then, but the kiss haunted him over the last two years. Well past eighteen years of age, Daryl MacTavish was no longer too young to pursue and conquer, to chase, catch and kiss. He was the man to do just that. He would court her in his own manner, taking his time with her. There would be no way he would give her a chance to say no to any of his proposals, including marriage.

She turned to look at him then, her eyes wide with surprise he hoped and not fear. He had been quiet. “Hello, Daryl. Mind if I join you? Nice day, don’t you think?” he asked, stepping forward, not waiting for an answer. 

He stood beside her. She rose, pressing her hands down her skirts.

The smile on her face brightened, and he thought she might be pleased to see him although she appeared a tiny bit anxious. He wondered if she also remembered the kiss as well as the beach house confrontation. 

“I didn’t invite you here.” Her voice held a nervous ripple as she spoke.

“It’s my land,” he told her, cocking an eyebrow while he took her measure. 

She was wearing a light green riding habit, a bit of lace showing at the neckline. The hat she wore was tossed on the ground beside the boulder she’d been sitting on and the green plume appeared to have wilted in the sun. Her soft pink lips were slightly parted as her huge blue eyes shimmered with some unknown emotion, hopefully passion.

“No, well, of course you’re right. So, I was just thinking it might be time to leave.” 

As if undecided, she stood then sat down smoothing her riding habit then she stood again. For a few seconds she gazed at the waterfall before turning her attention back to him.

“Don’t ken what you want to do?” He laughed, keeping the sound behind his teeth.

“No.” She smoothed the fall of her skirts again. 

“I wouldn’t want to be the cause of your departure. You are always welcome to come and go on Chamberlin land.” 

Once more he moved closer and as he did, she stepped back, bumping her legs against the large rock she’d been sitting on. She moved one step forward.

“Of course not, it’s just that...” She swallowed then he watched as her breasts rose with the deep breath she inhaled.

“There is no need to be nervous. I thought I was your friend.” 

At this moment he was a man well pleased, her expressive blue green eyes lending good reason for the quick impression. He stepped closer and it seemed with each step he took she stepped back then she turned away from the rock.

“I’m not.” She moistened her lips before sucking the full bottom one into her mouth. “Nervous.”

Liar.Her lips were moist now, ready to be tasted. He grinned at the notion. “I watched you fly by on your horse. You were a bit reckless. I assume you don’t ride that way every day.” 

When he became her husband, he needed to put an immediate halt on all her careless behavior.

Now and with little effort on his part, her back was against a tree. There was nowhere for her to go. “I ride that way when the mood hits.” She closed her eyes for a few seconds, long sooty black lashes resting in the pale hollow around her eyes, her breaths tiny and ragged. “Flynt doesn’t care so I do whatever I please.”

Now he stood in front of her, so close he could feel her tiny and very rapid breaths as they whispered across his face. He wanted to see if her heartbeat matched his.

That, the racing of her horse, would end with their marriage.

“You remember the day I kissed you?” 

Lord, but he hoped she remembered as clearly as he did. He recalled the heat and the sweet velvet of the inside of her mouth.

She nodded her head, more mahogany strands of hair coming lose from the pins, spilling around her shoulders. He picked up a strand, holding it between his fingers. “Silken fire,” he murmured, hoping someday the length would touch him with fire and she would respond to him with the passion he knew she possessed.

“I don’t ken what you are talking about.” 

Slowly, and unbeknownst to her provocatively, she swept her tongue across her bottom lip, her eyes shining with raw hunger that someday he meant to unleash.

“Chase, catch then kiss, that is what I did that evening and if I recall, you wanted my lips to caress yours just as much as I did. Would you like that today?”

Once more she moistened her lips, gazing at his mouth, and he had the most disconcerting feeling she knew what she was about then suddenly she looked away, breathing thinly again, her breast rising and falling.

“You did chase me when I ran from the room,” she agreed with him.

“You wanted me to catch you.” His grin, he was sure, reached from ear to ear. “I ken the fact as do you.”

“I would never admit to such a thing. I ran because I wanted to get away.” Her body quivered slightly and he hoped the trembling was the thirst for his kiss rising within her slight frame.

“Whether you admit to it or not, the fact remains I caught you. Just as I’ve caught you now. You do recall what comes next.”
























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