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Title: Eveleen’s Seduction

Author: Christine Young

Genre: Historical Romance/Regency

Book Heat Level: 4


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Young Eveleen Hepburn discovers truths about herself she never expected as she enchants Logan Maxwell's cynical heart.


BLURB: Eveleen's Seduction




A brutal attack on Eveleen McLellan's cherished island off the Scottish coastline leaves her shattered and bewildered. Learning a man she once trusted can kill as easily as he can breathe even though the deed saves her life, creates questions that need answers. An innocent beauty, she enchants Logan Maxwell's cynical heart—giving in to the raging passion she feels for her mysterious suitor.





In Logan's Maxwell's world of espionage and privilege, young Eveleen discovers truths about herself she never expected, and a need for passion and love can overcome all her fears if she learns to accept certain truths. She finds herself entangled in a lethal battle for land that was once owned by French nobility, taken from them during the revolution and sold to Maxwell. But grave peril would unleash the flames of love that simmers, creating a magical union that cannot be refuted.



EXCERPT: Eveleen's Seduction


“We’re here,” he said, and not waiting for the driver to open the door, he did it himself and leapt from the carriage. Holding out his hands for her, he placed them on her waist and helped her from the carriage.

When they walked through the park, the fallen snow crunched beneath her feet. The sun poked its head from behind the clouds sending sparkles alight on the snow.

“There they are.” She pointed to Ella and Drake and rushed to meet them. Ella and Evie hugged. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to talk to you about,” Ella said then turning to Drake, she laughed, watching him with a twinkle in her eyes, “Time to make your snow angel.”

Drake looked at the snow then back to Ella then, “I don’t suppose I can put this off to the next snowfall.”

“Of course not,” Eveleen answered for Ella. “And you, Logan, I’m waiting.” With hands on her hips, she tapped one foot, grinning.

“After you,” he waved a hand at the ground.

Eveleen laughed delightedly and lying on the ground, she ran her arms and legs across the snow. She stopped and sat up. “That was fun. I can’t remember the last time. Logan?”

He contorted his face in what looked like a grimace. Even though he hesitated, he followed suit and soon a second angel was formed. “Are you happy now?” He stood and drew Eveleen into his arms, kissing her soundly.

“Yes,” her breathless reply seemed to make him beam. They both turned their attention to Drake. Ella sat on her snow angel.

“Well,” Ella patted the ground near her, smiling at her ever so reluctant husband.

He scratched his head. “I suppose if it gets me a kiss and maybe more, I can do just about anything.”

A moment later with the deed accomplished, Drake drug Ella into his arms. Rolling over her, he kissed her soundly to the applause of a few onlookers in the gardens.

“Drake,” laughing she beat his shoulders with her fists. “This isn’t proper. You have to stop before there is more talk about us.”

He roared with laughter, “You should know I’m never appropriate and neither are you. That would be so boring.” He rolled with her, snow cloaking her pelisse and hat.

Seeming to like what Drake was doing, Logan gently tackled Eveleen to the snowy landscape. She laughed, picking up snow in one hand and tossing it at him.

“Oh, you don’t play fair.” He loosely packed a snowball and tossed it at her, missing as she anticipated and ducked.

“I don’t need to be treated like a girl. This isn’t my first snowball fight.” She packed snow and threw it, hitting him in the chest.

“Doesn’t appear that it is.” He reciprocated and the game continued until they were both quite breathless.

With a quick look to Ella, Eveleen signaled to her cousin and snowballs flew at the men. They laughed, running from the onslaught of missiles directed their way, hiding behind a tree while they fashioned more weapons.

The two men appeared on either side, and they were bombarded even as they emptied their arsenal. Laughing again, they raced from their hiding place to see other people had joined in the snow fight.

“Look what you started.” Logan stood behind her, his hand on her shoulder as he put the cold wet snow on her neck.

“Oh! That’s not fair.” She shivered from the cold wetness, pushing away from him.

“It’s a fight. Everything is fair,” he whispered, and seeming to take pity on her, he brushed the snow from her body.

“I want to find privacy. Do you?” he asked her, retrieving her muff and handing it to her.

Moistening her lips, she nodded, wondering what he intended yet she had a pretty good idea. “You don’t mean to do it here?”

“Only if you want to,” he teased.

Her breath caught in her throat. “It’s too cold.”

“We will warm each other.” He grinned and winked.

One hand on her elbow he guided her down a path then another and finally they saw no one. Finding a rock to sit on, he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her hard and deep.

Determined to meet his deviltry with her own, she slipped her fingers inside his coat and finding the fastenings on his shirt, she undid enough to slip her hands inside to meet hot flesh.

“Evie!” he gasped. “Your hands are freezing.”

“I know and I thought you could help warm them up. Isn’t that what you just said?” She smiled sweetly at him.

“Little devil,” he whispered. “You can warm your hands on me any time as long as I can heat mine as well.”

“Don’t think that will be possible with all the clothes I have on.” She wasn’t about to tell him her secret, which Ella had wickedly passed on to her.

“Hmm...there are other tender places, hot places, I can put my hands. If you’re willing.” He drew her pelisse around them, making a tent of sorts with the two of them inside.





Short Blurb:


A WHISPER OF SEDUCTION, A WHISPER OF INTRIGUE: A brutal attack on Eveleen McLellan's cherished island off the Scottish coastline leaves her shattered and bewildered. In Logan's Maxwell's world of espionage and privilege, Eveleen discovers truths about herself, and a need for love can overcome all her fears if she learns to accept certain truths.



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