Monday, January 07, 2008

The 1000 words a day is a challenge. I managed 600 words today even though I worked all day and coached my swim team. I was proud of myself. I got home, ate dinner, watched my one soap then wrote. My goal was to write 500 words. So I will have to do that tomorrow too. It's a good feeling to make your goals and will be an even better feeling to finish this book ahead of schedule. Bravo to Alice who put forth the challenge and the rest of my chapter for accepting.

It's easy for me to write bad guys. And right now I'm in a scene with a very bad, bad lady. Or perhaps she not really a "lady" The bad guys are always fun because you don't have to be PC. You can have them act and do anything you want them to do. Right now the very bad lady is sipping wine, smoking a cheroot and plotting the murder of the hero. Will she order the murder? If she does will the hero outsmart her?


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