Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good golly, Miss Molly but the little pickpocket has become the mistress of a very rich man. She is about to be decked out from the skin out and from the toes to the top of her head. But is she happy? Does she regret her decision to become the heroe's mistress? Are all her dreams of becoming a respectable lady vanishing in the London fog? And the hero--has he ever felt so alone and foresaken? Does he regret agreeing to this compromising relationship? Ah, but true love does not exist without paying a price. He has bought and paid for the relationship. But...

What fun to have a word challenge and watch my book grow. I've gone over the 50,000 mark and find that I'm not yet half way. So I will most likely be cutting a lot of material when I edit. Better to cut than to have too few words I alway say.

It's still foggy outside and an arctic front is moving in. It's supposed to be extremely cold next week.


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