Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm looking at the thermometer and it's saying 24 degrees. Sooooo cold and then I hear on the news 15 degrees somewhere and I think I heard -5 degrees. Well it's too cold for me to walk. My toes hurt too much when it gets cold.

2000 words yesterday but no editing and I'm afraid I have lots of words but a real big job to clean up. I've way too much narrative and very little dialogue. But yesterday was productive. I finished the General II final, almost finished the General I final and wrote the letter of recomendation for one of my swimmers. All I have left is to do entries for the Saturday swim meet and write the article for the author spotlight on the Mid Willamette Valley web site. The slogan of the day: I think I can, I think I can...

Oh, and I have to iron.

The hero and heroine have had a huge argument. Neither one of the pair have a mild temperment and so they can have quite interesting and heated arguments. Have you ever wanted a dress that someone tells you you can't have? Well, the heroine wants a dress and the hero see how it looks on her, exquisite and sexy as hell. In his own very possessive way, he wants her charms all too himself. Is this too much to ask? Or does the heorine have the modiste send the dress to her anyway defying the hero and all his money? After all she is bought and paid for. Stay tuned...


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