Saturday, January 26, 2008

I thought I would get my post in early today. We are on our way to a swim meet, and up at 5:30. I guess it is called getting ready for State. We expect snow and freezing rain, but there is a wrestling match in Cottage Grove and there is no way they would cancel that. So the swim meet will go on.

My heroine is about to get her charming cottage. The hero has gone to great lenghts to find just the right idylic spot. Will she like it? Will she show her gratitude? Or will she find something wrong with it? However, the hero returns home to find the locks on all the doors have been tampered with. Is it the notorious mam? Is the heroine's life in danager?

Stay tuned...

Must leave, the bus to Albany is waiting and my husband is pacing the kitchen.


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