Sunday, January 06, 2008

One day down, 30 to go. I managed almost 3000 words yesterday and I'm quite satisfied. I will edit and then write some more today. I realized that I was close to half way on this book. My original goal was to finish by the end of summer. However, with this challenge and ongoing encouragement, I might finish in March.

Still no luck with my webiste. I worked so hard on it and now not to see it up and running is discouraging and frustrating.

Looking forward to getting back to school. I discovered I missed them. I really do have some wonderful classes this year. Two weeks and they will have semester finals. It's about this time the freshman discover that they really will have to repeat the classes if they fail, and if they don't have the credits they won't graduate. I always see a huge turn around with the kids. Suddenly they start turning in their work.

Still thinking about possible romantic cities? I am. But I'm running out of pictures. My travels really haven't taken me very far. Perhaps Edinburg though would be a romantic city, with the castle guarding the town.

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