Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Worked on my websight again. I think it's looking good but I'm going to need some input. All I will work on today will be the links. I was able to use some of my Europe pictures on the sight and that was fun.

I came up with a contest for February when I was looking at my picture of the Eiffle Tower. Tune in February for more details.

My hero and heroine are finishing an idylic tryst at the loch before finishing their treck to the MacPherson castle. The hero is worried about the reaction the heroine's brothers will have about the days together they have spent. His reputation as a lady's man is well known. Will the brothers skewer our hero through? Or will they let him into the family? Will they be expecting a marriage?


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JackieW said...

I live in the San Diego, CA area so my weather now is in the low 60's to 70's. Very nice.