Saturday, January 19, 2008

One more week until I announce the winner of my January contest. It's foggy here and cold. We are supposed to get a few snow flurries this morning turning to rain tonight. I've written a little over 15000 words since Alice issued a writing challenge. Thank you Alice. I'm hoping we'll have another challenge in February.

It's a three day weekend and I've so much to do. Finals are next week and I have to write two finals as well as write on my book. I just have to take a deep breath and do one thing at a time. My heroine has issued an ultimatum to the hero. He is shocked by her assertiveness. Will he be willing to do anything for the heroine? Will he buy her the country home she has asked for? Or will he toss her out and tell her to fend for herself? Oh, the trials and tribulations of true love.



The Story Lady of said...

Christine, I like how you share the gist of what you're writing - what the characters are doing.

It is deceptively bright here in rural Missouri. It's so bright and sunny you think you want to go for a walk ----- until you discover it's 12 degrees COOOOOOOOOld!


Cat Muldoon said...

I'm Cat from WRW. Best of luck with your finals! Glad you're working away at your story too.

Today is a great day to stay INDOORS because it's way too cold to want to go out for more than 10 seconds.