Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm waking up to a beautiful sunny day--no rain. My weather contest is coming to an end and I'll be looking for the most romantic city in the world. My personal favorite in Paris but I love New York. Every city seems to take on a personality all its own. And I suppose the ones with the most pazazz (is that how you spell that word?) Is the one that will make the biggest impact on a soul. There are so many places I haven't been. I want to see everything, well maybe not everything. The last time my family had Chinese food and fortune cookies I had a great fortune. It read: Your feet will touch on many countries. I plan on making that fortune come true. I guess I've been blessed with good fortune cookies. I'll never forget that one summer at an RWA meeting/dinner at a Chinese restaurant my fortune read: Your greatest dream will come true. A month later I sold my first manuscript. So I'm always looking for the right fortune cookie.

I've got to get going on the word challange. I have a goal of 3000 words today. My hero and heroine are in a very compromising position. She is about to give up her virginity to the hero. But will she stop and bargain with him? She is only a servant in his home and being a finacially smart young woman, she knows she has to look after her retirement interests. Will she give in to the notion of romance and romantic love and make a devil's bargain she might come to regret?

Stay tuned: for the continuing saga of an Uncommon Thief


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