Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Waking up to a two hour delay, not because of snow but ice. It's 29 degrees out there. Now I know that you in the midwest and northeast probably would think this is warm. But this is the Willamette Valley. And for us, it's darn cold. There are accidents all over the valley. But this school delay give me time to blog and to write this morning. Of course I still have two finals to write but I can always put that off until the weekend.

My heroine is going out of character and it's going to baffle the hero. Of course she is protecting her heart. He of course thinks she has turned into a monster--a monster he cannot live without. And he doesn't know how much she loves him. He also doesn't know how much he loves her. They will have to go down a dark, winding road to figure all this out. It will be a great adventure. What trials and tribulations will they encounter? Will the mam kidnap our heroine? Will the brothers make it to Baltimore?

Stay tuned.


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