Saturday, July 04, 2015

Addicted to Writing Presents Sci/fi Fantasy Saturday: SoulMate by McKinzie S. Heart

Soul Mate
McKinzie S. Heart
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 5


Erotic/Western Romance
It is 1882, Midwest North America and fiery Scottish lass Katlyn MacKenzie has inadvertently found herself working in a local saloon after her father’s death.  Handsome cowboy James Granger wants Kate more than he’s wanted any woman before so he is determined to make her his come hell or high-water.  She is tempted by his heated, experienced touch but will she succumb to his charms or will another stake his claim?  For in steps a strange suitor that will not be denied in his own quest for Kate’s heart, body, and soul.  His scorching kiss competes with James’s touch while they both pursue her.  But who will she choose?  Because though one offers passionate life and the other offers blissful death, only her Soul Mate can claim her.


To anyone else, the graveyard amounted to nothing more than a compilation of various intricately carved headstones that offered a glimpse into other’s past lives. But to Katlyn, it all appeared dark and ominous. She instantly yearned to leave. As the two moved from headstone to headstone searching for Houston’s grave, chills raced across her skin. She purposefully neglected to inform James of her “clan’s” sensitive nature. She and Margaret were the most sensitive of them all. She didn’t know why, but it had been generations since any like them had been born…at least that is what her father had told her. But such things could not be discussed with outsiders…ever. It was a part of the old way woven into her being from the beginning. It truly was the only part of the old way that she couldn’t release herself from. The feelings that raced through her ranged from hatred to long lost love. She knew for a fact these were the feelings carried by each and every soul around her. The weight of the night pressed in on her as though she had been placed in a small, shrinking room. If she didn’t leave soon, it would quickly overwhelm her. 

“Ok, James, let’s part ways so we can find it quicker,” she suggested rubbing her arms. 

“And leave such a delectable treat all on her own? I don’t know about that.” 

“Come on…it will be quicker.” 

“You’re right…good idea. The quicker we find him the quicker we can get back to the parlor.” 

“No, I don’t think so. The quicker I can get back to my parlor. I’m afraid we must say goodbye for the night when finished, my friend.” 

James understood this as a dismissal but it didn’t faze him. So what if he couldn’t make her his tonight? There was time…he would woo her…seduce her…until she gave in and he claimed her for his own. With all previous guilt now eliminated, he fully embraced the growing desire to have her…heart, body, and soul. He smiled with secret anticipation but instead replied, “Pity…well shoulda brought a lamp instead of relying on the moon. Sorry. Are you cold? That gown is somewhat revealing in the um…neckline area.” 

“Mind your own business, cowboy,” she snapped with growing discomfort as she kicked dirt onto his boots. 

James laughed heartily, shook each foot then moved away. 

Katlyn really had no intention of searching for his brother’s grave. She would head right back to where she had come from as soon as James left her sight…and now he was gone. Carefully, she worked her way back. The feelings pressed harder in on her almost suffocating. Where is the entrance? It hadn’t taken this long to come in. 

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