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Title: The Heiress to the Fairy Tales
            Life on Another Island Series Book 3
Author: Ruth Danes
ISBN: 978-1-62420-384-8
Genre: Alternative History/Historical/Adventure/Romance
Keywords: Alternative history, adventure, thrillers, 18th century, historical, romance
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 4


A brave, clever and determined girl falls in love and discovers a past which threatens not only her happiness but her very life itself.

BLURB: The Heiress to the Fairy Tales

Adeliza is now twenty-nine years old, a married woman and a mother of four. She is beloved, respected and surrounded by friends and family. She is also not the only Demon in Britain to be living under a false identity.

The Devil’s Isles are now a free republic where human sacrifice is banned and people live in harmony. What would happen if a young princess, raised as a British girl, were to appear and claim her birthright?

EXCERPT: The Heiress to the Fairy Tales

Letter from Mr Augustus Campbell to Mr Ioan Lloyd
First June, Castlewhite
My dear Lloyd,
I write this letter to you in good health and good spirits and in the hope that you and your family are faring as well as mine. Since I last wrote to you, we have been to Cantaras’ science display. The young man is rising fast and his prospects are excellent. The evening went off very well and he is clearly passionate about his work. He also seemed very interested in a beautiful girl about the same age as him who Janet tells me is a maid to a local doctor.
Janet’s prospects are also favourable. I think Nancy mentioned in her last letter that we met one Augustus Mevissey back in March. The acquaintance has grown and there is nothing objectionable about the young man, his family or his situation. He and Janet are most fond of each other, quite in love, and she is also very friendly with his younger sister.
Of course, Janet is still thirteen and far too young for any courtship or engagement. Mevissey was at the display the other night and approached me. His intentions are honourable. He is not able to marry at present and he agrees they are both too young to even form an engagement. However, I wholeheartedly encouraged him to visit us with his family whenever he can and for Janet to stay with them. If after three or four years of such friendship, their feelings remain unchanged, he may court her. Upon hearing this, he was all gratitude and respect. He promises he will make no demands other than those of friendship and he insists Janet consider herself free. We shook hands with much warmth and I shall be very surprised if I do not welcome him as a son before Janet turns eighteen.
Janet surprised me the other day by mentioning Bronwyn Jenkins, now Mrs Tyler and living in Staffordshire, near Janet’s school. Mrs Tyler is teaching Welsh to a classmate of Janet’s. The young lady will marry a gentleman who lives in Pembroke. A few questions from me ascertained that the woman is the same Bronwyn we both once knew. Do you or Esther still correspond with her? Janet mentioned how Bronwyn recognised her name and asked if she, Nancy or I had ever lived in Pengelis. Janet said no, she believes the lies we told her and luckily, we left Pengelis when she was very young. Pray lie to Bronwyn if you are in touch with her and she asks any questions. The days of the Demonic danger may be over but they must never be revived.
The Devil’s Isles may now be a republic, albeit a poor one, with a government that is more democratic than ours. Human sacrifice is forbidden but what would happen if a princess appeared? The country is only free and humane because all bloodlines from the old royalty have supposedly died out. Many people, Demons, Europeans, Africans and Americans, have settled there and that small population has complete freedom of religion, providing no human sacrifices are made. Life is not too harsh for the new Demons and they do not harass us, why upset the applecart?
I hope that you are all well. I particularly hope that Esther is well at this difficult time. Do you expect the baby soon?
My work calls me away, an usher wants to discuss a badly-behaved boy named Foxley with me. Why does one always hear the same names when such matters are raised?

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