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Title: Falling for Flynt
         Bad Boys Book Three
Author: Christine Young
Genre: Historical romance
Book Heat Level:

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Hope Wallace, raised in a harem, now penniless, alone and without her memory, hopes bad boy Flynt MacTavish can help her rediscover all she has lost.


He's a bad, bad boy...

Fascinated by Hope's loss of memory yet haunted by her sultry beauty, Flynt is irresistibly drawn to the stoic miss—and into her troubles with the sultan who wants her for himself. When he discovers she is the sister of his best friend, his pride keeps him from pursuing her and making her his.

...but she's falling for him.

Raised in a harem but now penniless, alone and without her memory, Hope must discover a way to remember all that she has lost. She finds a way to continue with her life as a servant in Flynt's home. The first sight of Flynt steals Hope's breath as well as her heart. Can she overcome her fears and give herself to the man she fell in love with.


“Perhaps you did,” he agreed, wondering just how he was going to keep himself from kissing her, tossing her on her bed, making love to her, in the process ruining her for Angus Kinross. With Hope in his arms, Flynt carried her to her bedroom.
            Sitting on Hope’s bed and holding her so close, he felt one with the world. This feeling inside him was right, so what was he going to do about it?
            She sighed softly, opening her eyes now. One soft fingertip stroked his jawline.             “Kiss me, Flynt.”
            “Kiss you?” He chuckled, “You’re smashed.”
            “No really, I want you to kiss me. Need to have something to compare.” Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips, her gaze resting on his mouth.
            She must not realize how provocative that simple gesture was. When he stepped into his parlor a few hours ago, he had no idea the evening would end this way. He wasn’t going to turn down an invitation such as this one, even though she was half asleep and had clearly drunk too much.
            “If you insist, I never turn down a lady,” he whispered so close to her lips he was sure she would feel his breath.
            “I do,” she closed her eyes, waiting. “Insist.”
            “Open your eyes, sweet lassie.” His lips found hers, touched, explored before his tongue delved inside, finding the soft inside of her upper lip then the edge of her teeth. She was sweet and hot. Her softness intrigued him as well as her willingness to allow him inside. Her tiny sounds of pleasure sent him over the edge. All he could think of was discovering more of her, all of her. That discovery would have to wait for another time.        He liked his women willing but also of clear mind when he pleased them with his sexual expertise. He wondered if Angus could claim that thought.
            It seemed she relaxed in his arms. She was asleep, soundly asleep. She would never remember the kiss and would have naught for comparisons sake. He laughed at himself as well as his thoughts of making love to her. Even with her strange and erotic upbringing, she was by far too innocent for the likes of him.
            What to do now?
            She wouldn’t sleep well, not if she went to bed wearing her clothes and her corset. He could undress her, perhaps without looking at her. No, don’t get too far ahead of yourself, old chap. No way in hell could he do that when presented with such a golden opportunity.
            With Hope totally uncooperative, Flynt managed to remove her dress and corset, leaving her with only her chemise to cover her. He looked at her then, her soft feminine curves. Groaning, he pushed more carnal thoughts from his head.
            He couldn’t help himself. He continued looking, dreaming about her as well. She was slim, her breasts perfect, seeming to invite him to taste. Nope. Walk away before you do something you’ll forever regret. Pulling the covers over her, she woke.
            “Flynt?” The question in her voice stopped him as she sat up, her covering slipping to her waist.
            “Yes.” He sat beside her, wishing he had permission to touch and explore, to curl up beside her.
            “Stay with me tonight.” Her hands rested against his chest, imploring him to heed her request.
            “You wouldn’t like it when you woke up,” he argued to no avail. “There would be regrets and recriminations on your part.
            “I don’t like to be alone. You’re here with me now.” She closed her eyes for a second. “Please don’t go away. I’ve been so lonely. Sometimes I want to cry.”
            Cry? So lonely? “You won’t like it in the morning,” he told her again, knowing he was too close to accepting her proposition.
            “I don’t care.” Her voice was soft, her breathing shallow. 
            He could see the pulse point at her neck, which was beating rapidly.
Blessed hell, but she wanted him. It wouldn’t hurt he told himself. Her invitation was not the one he would have preferred right now. Nonetheless, how could he refuse? “Very well.”
            He strode to the other side of the bed, ridding himself of his shirt and sitting on the bed to remove his boots. Prudence told him he should leave his buckskins on despite his preference to sleep naked.
            She watched him, staring at him while he settled in next to her. Pulling a quilt from the end of the bed over him, he wrapped her in his arms. “Go to sleep now. I’m here and I won’t leave until morning.”
            This was heaven and he was a saint for his gentlemanly behavior. In the morning he could give himself a pat on the back. In the morning, she would be shocked to find him in her bed. He could effectively get rid of Angus by regaling him about her and their escapades.
            He was a cad, yet...
            The raging thought held too many beautiful possibilities.




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