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Title: Aidan’s Love
            Twelve Dancing Princesses Book Twelve
Author: Christine Young
Genre: Historical Romance/Regency
Book Heat Level: 4

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Blade MacPherson has waited a lifetime to claim Aidan McLellan, a woman who haunts his waking thoughts day and night.

BLURB: Aidan's Love

Whispers of Love

Aidan McLellan has loved Blade MacPherson since she first set eyes on him as a young girl. Spontaneous, wild and eager to grow up, Aidan haunts his waking thoughts day and night, insinuating herself into his life. With her fiery red hair and sparkling sapphire eyes, she seizes Blade's heart even while he tries to resist the innocent child until she becomes a woman.

Whispers of Courage

Blade has waited what seems a lifetime to claim the woman who captures his heart as a little girl. Claiming his inheritance before his younger brother takes what is rightfully his, Blade must convince Aidan of his sincerity after years of avoidance and wed her before his father dies so he can return home, securing his rightful place. Everything is put to the test when his life as well as Aidan's is threatened by the man who once called him brother.

EXCERPT: Aidan's Love

At times she didn’t want to reject any advances he might make. If she gave in to his ploys, she would find herself in his arms and his bed before she could blink. After all, she’d been in love with him since she was thirteen, nine long years ago.
Inhaling a long deep breath and setting her cup on the table beside her, she asked and with a patience that was rarely a part of her character, “Where were you? All this time...”
“Ach lass, I was enjoying the silence.” He rose and poured himself more whiskey. Returning, he sat next to her. Placing a hand on hers, he watched her carefully, his muscles tense.
“You don’t want me to talk? Fine. I won’t then. Be that way if you enjoy the sound of silence rather than my voice.” She wanted to bait him, needed to erase the all-knowing smirk off his face. This isn’t at all what she expected when and if he returned.
“Why are you so angry with me? I don’t believe I’ve done anything to deserve your wrath.” He brought her hand to his lips, placing a kiss on the palm of her hand, allowing his tongue to glide across her skin.
“Where were you?” she repeated with a little more force this time, tugging her hand to no avail while he drew circles on the underside of her wrist with his thumb. He wasn’t going to seduce her so easily, she determined. She could and would resist him.
He lifted his shoulders, before nonchalantly speaking, “I left you a note. You should have read it. Then you would comprehend where I went and why along with the gravity of the situation. Truth be told, leaving you was the very last thing I wanted.”
“It’s been three months and I had no idea if you were even alive.” She succeeded in pulling her hand from him then she crossed her arms over her chest, trying to calm her escalating nerves. Lord, but he could bring her to anger just as quickly as he could create a storm of desire she couldn’t control.
He picked up her hand again, brought it to his lips. Gazing into her eyes before kissing the tips of each finger, he continued to explore the palm of her hand then her wrist. When he stopped, “I told you in the note I left on that table.” He motioned to the one by the door.
Thinking, breathing, even sitting straight was nearly impossible when he brought his lips away. “A-a note?” she whispered, enraged at the masculine smile on his face and the way she melted with a tiny kiss on her hand. The man knew what he did to her. For a second time, she pulled her hand away.
Instead of conceding defeat and withdrawing, he picked up her other hand and sucked each finger into his mouth, his teeth nibbling on each tip. This time he continued his path of discovery and exploration up her arm, kissing, biting. His tongue was warm and created its own magic against her flesh.
When he paused, “Yes, a note. Over there. It explained everything. Where and why. The gravity.”
“I never saw a note.” She stood, intending to show him there was nothing there. Before she reached the table, she faced him, and in a huff clearly confused by his seduction, “Regardless, you could have answered my question. You didn’t have to—have to...”
“Make you breathless with passion and desire? We could go upstairs. No one is home.”
“You did no such thing and no we can’t. Lilly will be in the kitchen fixing dinner any time now.”
“Make you breathless or write a note? I can assure you; I wrote one.” Still his voice was too calm, too sure of himself, his smile self-assured.
It didn’t appear that he believed she didn’t see a note. Even if she didn’t find one, it didn’t mean he lied. Bending over and on all fours, she searched the floor below the table then tried to reach behind the nearby chair, stretching, moving her hand along the floor. She sneezed from the dust.
“I can’t find anything.”
His hand settled on top her back. “Let me help.”
His mouth was close to her lips when she turned her head to reply. The warmth from his hand sent a whirling dervish of sensations spiraling to places he awakened a few months ago. A tiny whimper she had no control over made his grin broader.
She moistened her lips. “I don’t want your help.” Any more assistance from him and she’d drag him against her and make him give her those wonderful sensation he called a woman’s pleasure. Ninny, he would never let you take control. Yet perhaps he would.
“But you can’t reach as far as I can.” His lips brushed softly against hers then in a blink they vanished.
“You’re doing that on purpose.” She closed her eyes, reveling in the touch of his hand as he slid it up her back then down to caress her bottom.
“Looking for the note I left you? I need redemption. Of course, I’m doing it on purpose.”
“Then stop touching me and look for the bloody note so you can be vindicated. Or better yet just tell me where and why and I’ll take you for your word.” If he didn’t stop soon, she’d end up a mindless, spineless puddle on the floor.
“I like touching you, hearing those tiny mews of pleasure and the soft flush that stains your cheeks when I do. Why should I settle for anything less?”

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