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Title: My Uncle the King

            The Aliens Book Two

Author: Sherry Derr-Wille

Genre: Sci-Fi

Book Heat Level: 1


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The lost contingency from the dying planet, Plantas, has finally landed on Nalo. With the majority of their people sick with Time Warp Fever, the people are greeted with concern and care.



BLURB: My Uncle the King


When three contingencies took off from their dying planet, Plantas, only two arrived at their destination unharmed. When the lost contingency is hit with a meteor storm, only one ship survives and makes it to their destination of Nalo. Over the generations, the descendants of the original refugees become the ruling class of their adopted planet. Even the rebel group, the Pure Of Nalo, are unable to unseat the monarchy. When relations with Earth are established, it is Prince Nicos who leaves Nalo to find love on an alien planet and bring back new ideas as well as his Earthly family to save the throne and the people of Nalo.



EXCERPT: My Uncle the King


Although Grato’s passion had been farming, he was grateful to his parents for insisting he pursue a degree in engineering.

Nalo had been through a world war. The results of the war had left their city structures decimated. Added to that was the fact most of the farmland was destroyed, making it impossible to farm in the ways they had for many thousands of years. To stave off starvation, the farmers turned to hot-house farming. While there were several good farmers among their party, they spent their time learning the new advances the people of Nalo were putting to use.

As much as Grato wanted to be out working the land, his engineering degree was in greater demand. There were cities that needed to be rebuilt and a worldwide government to be established. Working with his father and the others, Grato oversaw the building of the cities. He also listened to all the news reports of the new government that was being put in place.

The countries who had democratic governments thought theirs was the best way, while the countries with monarchies argued for a king and queen to rule over the people. In the end a democracy was put in place.


~ * ~


After two years on Nalo, Grato had become an important member of the ruling party of the government. The president, who had been elected, did not seem to have the respect or confidence of all the people. There were many who were calling for a coup to put a king in place.

Even though he didn’t understand the need for a king, he decided if it made the people happy, why not? Besides, the only difference between a king and a president was the pomp that went along with the monarchy. Perhaps someday, the people looking for a king would be satisfied. In the meantime, a president had been elected. He could see no reason for change at this point, considering another election would be held within the next three years.

It was at an official ball when he saw Wasla across the room. He’d heard she’d been appointed to the Ministry of Medicine. Unfortunately, once he became involved in the government, he had no occasion to see her. If it was possible, she was more beautiful than she’d been on the ship during the journey from Plantas to Nalo.

“Wasla,” he said, after crossing the room to be by her side. “It’s good to see you. I hear there are congratulations in store. How do you like your new position with the Ministry of Medicine?”

“It’s been very interesting. I am amazed at how easily the people of Nalo accepted some of the medical breakthroughs we have made. We are also learning many new procedures. It’s an exciting time. Enough about me. I hear you are doing well in government as well.”

“Everything has turned out well. Considering the Time Warp Fever left me weakened, I am better suited for a desk job than for one of activity in rebuilding this world. I am stationed here in Capitol City, near the hub of all the activities of the government. If I’m not mistaken, you will be transferred here with your new position.”

Wasla batted her eyes seductively. “Are you suggesting we should be seeing each other socially?”

Grato wanted to chuckle, but suppressed the urge. “I had a little more than that in mind. I haven’t found anyone who piques my interest the way you have.”

“We are virtual strangers. We’ve both been living very different lives since we arrived on Nalo. I must admit I considered the fact you lived in Capitol City when I was approached about the position with the Ministry of Medicine. I’ve followed your rise in the government and prayed we would meet once I transferred here. I have observed the required mourning period for Paren and am ready to begin a life with someone of the opposite sex. To be truthful, I was hoping we could be a good match.”

Grato allowed a smile to cross his lips. He too had observed the allotted period of mourning for Tarena. She wasn’t coming back and he needed a woman in his life. What better life mate was there than Wasla? They’d been friends during the flight, as well as while she cared for him both before and after landing on Nalo.

Thus, began their courtship. As much as Grato once loved Tarena, he realized he’d found true love with Wasla. She was a very special woman and he knew they would complement each other not only as mates but also as life partners.

Two weeks later, with the blessing from both of their families, they were joined together for the rest of their natural lives. There were many parties to congratulate the young couple from both of their families as well as ones hosted by the women who were in the highest level of government.

After a honeymoon on the resort island of Permia, they returned to Capitol City and the new home they’d purchased together. With them both having important government jobs, their lives were complete.





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