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Title: Nobody but Walker

            Sweet McKenna Book Three

Author: Christine Young

Genre: Paranormal/Historical Romance

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Crissie McKenna was everything sweet and innocent until she was faced with betrayal and an unexpected and out of wedlock pregnancy.


Blurb: Nobody but Walker


The Highland Lass...


She was brought up, adored and loved by a doting mother and father ardently protected by her brothers. She was everything sweet and innocent until she was faced with betrayal and an unexpected and out of wedlock pregnancy. When she gave her love to a man who couldn’t return her passion and commitment, she was left devastated and furious. Faced with the loss of her child if she didn't comply to his demands, Crissie McKenna followed him to Belfast then on to his country home to discover he was already married.


...The Irishman


Stunned to find out his one and only encounter with the woman he wanted to love forever created a child, Walker Endicott, Earl of Briarwood, claimed his child as his only heir. Walker threatened all her previously held values even while he thrilled her senses. From the moment he first saw her to the second she ran after him begging him to make love to her, his captivating masculinity held her fascinated. In his arms she would know tempestuous passion, bitter despair, and a soaring joy that would humble them both before the power of love.


Excerpt: Nobody but Walker


Suddenly exhausted, she sat down on one of the chairs that was perched atop another. It rocked precariously before finally settling to a standstill.

Crissie found herself in front of a window looking out on a velvet dark sky dotted with a few twinkling stars. The storm must have passed. Between clouds she saw the hint of a slivered moon. A shaft of light filled the tiny room. The stars were not so bright as she remembered from the highlands. A wave of homesickness washed over her as she longed for the place of her birth.

Here she was in a townhouse in the outskirts of Belfast alone waiting for the father of her child to come home. It was not something she would have expected two short weeks ago. She drank from the wine, once more emptying the bottle. It dropped from her fingers finding purchase atop a table before rolling to land on a rolled-up carpet then the floor. She heard it spinning until finally it too stopped. Silence echoed in the small cramped room.

She realized she needed to get down, should go see how Ian was faring. Unexpectedly, she wasn’t quite so sure how exactly she was going to go about this feat without hurting herself or toppling all the furniture. She was positive if she tried, she would land haphazardly on her rear, in the process embarrassing herself. Of course, at the moment there was no one to see her fall from grace.

“Well,” she murmured, “there is nothing to do about this except do the best she could.” She stood on the arms of the chair below her planting her hands on something she hoped was solid. She felt a bit wobbly. Closed her eyes. Froze. The entire stack rocked before shuddering then shifting beneath her weight. She held her breath trying to move as slowly as possible.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

Walker’s harsh words startled her as she lost her balance, her arms whirling in the air. Strong hands encircled her waist, his fingers biting into her. Oh dear, he was angry with her. This time, she did suppose he had good reason. He lifted her from her perch on top of the chairs. While she thought she would land in his arms, it seemed the lower chair shifted causing her to move.

Instead of landing safe and secure in his arms, she landed on top of him on the floor. When she pushed off his shoulders, she stared into his laughing golden eyes that seemed to be sprinkled with dots of deep brown. Perhaps he wasn’t angry.

“It’s not funny,” she murmured.

“You’re drunk, Crissie. I’ve never seen you this way. It’s rather endearing though. I'm sure there are lots of ways I've not seen you.”

She punched his shoulder. “Am not. Let me up. Have to see to Ian.”

“He’s sleeping. What were you doing up there?” he asked again, his voice gentle. “You’re covered in cobwebs. Hopefully, there are no spiders inhabiting your hair.” He brushed a few sticky strands away and off her hair. “Along with the dust of years of neglect.”

“If you must know I was doing the job your servants are supposed to do. If there are any spiders in my hair, I hope they crawl onto you.”

Suddenly he rolled, pinning her to the floor. “You don’t say.” His lips captured hers, hard and demanding at first before gentling. The kiss turned slow, languorous.


Undeniable magic.

All the exquisite delights she always felt with his kisses bombarded her. Heat coupled with desire roared to a tempest inside all her most vulnerable parts. Never could she be immune to this enchantment he generated within her. His large hands slipped beneath her rear, pulling her against his hard arousal. Her fingers wove through his hair as he deepened the kiss taking outrageous advantage of her feelings for him along with her half-drunken state.

He told her he would do so.

And so, he did.

Finding sensitive erotic places to stroke and tease to his command, he continued to coax her surrender. Nay, not this soon, please give me strength to withstand this onslaught for a few more days.

Crissie didn’t have the will to tell him nay. If they stopped it would have to be because Walker stopped. She desired his hands and his lips, all of his body more than she ever wanted to admit. His large hands found their way beneath her skirt, smoothing along her legs, to settle more intimately on her soft belly, teasing her with expectations of more erotic caresses.

Unable to help herself she moaned softly, the tiny ripple of noise telling her how thoroughly she was losing herself to this man.

She heard the soft masculine chuckle confirming his win. His hands continued their bold, teasing exploration down her legs, settling her skirt as he reached her ankles. He stood then, pulling her up with him. Her body stretched tight against his, his arousal pulsing against her now so very obvious.

“As much as I would like to continue this while you are more than willing, perhaps a cleaner space might be a bit more romantic.”






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