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Title: Graham’s Wicked Kiss

            Bad Boys Book Seven

Author: Christine Young

Genre: Historical Romance

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Why is a badly injured Ria hiding in Graham Chamberlin’s attic room and what will Graham do when he finds her there?


BLURB: Graham’s Wicked Kiss


Graham Chamberlin is stunned to find three young boys dangling from the trees lining the drive to Runningmead Manner. On further inspection, he is astonished at their obsession to protect a young woman who has been brutalized by her pimp. The woman he discovers hiding in a third-floor attic room is gravely injured. He takes the silver haired stowaway under his wing. Clearly, Graham’s new guest is a lady with many secrets. He is determined to unlock all the mysteries surrounding her. 


...But she can’t resist his wicked kiss.


The years since Ria left the convent where she was raised have been a nightmare. Her secrets are dangerous—as is the powerful man determined to find her. Handsome Graham Chamberlin is clearly a gentleman with secrets of his own, but staying with him could mean the difference between life and death for Ria. With each passing day, her handsome host turns Ria’s convalescence into an increasingly sensual escape. Now her greatest challenge may be imagining anything less than a future in his arms.



EXCERPT: Graham’s Wicked Kiss


He rose, dusting the snow from his greatcoat before motioning for her to come. He was mouthing some words she couldn’t understand. She wasn’t too sure about finding herself in the falling snow and the cold. The children were inside the stable, warmer at least having given up on the rough and tumble games they played with Gray.

            She grabbed her cape, pulling the hood over her head before starting out the back door to see what he wanted. Snow crunched under feet. White flakes settled on her coat as well as her hair. Sometime when she wasn’t looking, he disappeared. She peeked around the corner of the stable.

            A snowball hit her in the chest. She gasped surprised. When she looked up, he was grinning, another missile formed in his hands. “Graham Chamberlin!” She didn’t know how to feel. Bending down she picked up a batch of snow, pushing it together into a ball. She heaved at him. He ducked before tossing the one he held at her then another. She darted but couldn’t get away from the hail of snow.

            “Stop!” she cried out, tossing more at him until he was beside her, his arms wrapped snuggly around her. “Why did you...?” His lips met hers cutting off her words. He kissed her, tumbled to the ground with her laughing and rolling in the snow.

            She’d never seen him this carefree before. He acted as a little boy. When they stopped rolling, she lay on top of him. Her body tensed as she told herself over and over this was Gray, only Gray, not William or the countless other men he allowed into her room. She inhaled a shaky breath. His hands held her face as she felt the gentleness, the slow intoxication as he stared at her, his eyes darkening as he watched her.

            “Kiss me,” he whispered, still grinning up at her.

She could leave at any time. His hold upon her was easy. “Gray,” she said his name as she kissed him. He tasted as he always did, minus the sweet wine. She ran her tongue across his bottom lip.

            He stopped, his brilliant green eyes shining. “Tongues are alright now?”

            She laughed nodding, “I believe so. Should we try and see?”

            “You first,” he said, his voice soft as she leaned toward him.

            Tentatively, she touched his bottom lip with her tongue then slipped it inside his slightly parted lips. He groaned as she ran it beneath his upper lip then along his teeth. He met hers with his. She felt his smile as they continued, tasting and exploring each other. He rolled her over, his hard body above her as he controlled the kisses now. Hungrily, she responded to him.

            She was cupping his cheeks, staring into his eyes; piercing eyes, hot green, mesmerizing green. It happened then, lips to lips, his to hers, covering opening, flaming hot. She was sucked into the vortex, sinking, whirlpools of sensations taking her deeper and deeper.

            “Storms picking up. Probably should take this inside unless the two of you want to freeze to death.” Charles spoke with a touch of humor in his voice as he stood behind them.

            “Don’t ken why the two of you are rolling around in the snow,” Dodge said with a touch of disgust in his voice.

            Graham laughed, easily bringing Ria to her feet as he stood brushing off the bits of snow covering her. “Someday you won’t ask that question. Should we go inside and get warmed up. Perhaps Millie has dinner almost finished.”




KEYWORDS: Historical, Romance, Scottish, Highlands, Edinburgh, Bad Boys, Regency


























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