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Title: Royal Street Dogs

            Aunt Maddie’s Doggone Misadventures Books 4 and 5

Author: Genie Gabriel

Genre: Humor/Animals/Christmas

Book Heat Level: 1


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The last two books in Aunt Maddie’s Doggone Misadventures, where exploding inventions,hilarious misadventures and sweet romance are part of everyday life.


BLURB: Royal Street Dogs



With their world destroyed and their space ship malfunctioning, the dogizens of Planet Canid have little choice but to crash land on Earth...into the barn next door to Aunt Maddie's castle. With the Canine Queen in labor, elfenchaun Dori and Aunt Maddie help deliver the royal puppies and hide them from the evil commander of the Geeks in Green, who wants the aliens for tortuous experiments. Using Uncle Horace's invention of portable cloaking devices, Ryan and his zany family sneak into GIG headquarters to foil this dastardly plan while the Blue-Haired Ladies stage a Nertz tournament as a distraction.



Rescued and bored, the Royal Canines dream of a new dogdom. The search takes Aunt Maddie and Uncle Horace to an abandoned village in Sardinia, Italy, where they become caught up in rescuing dogs captured by a crime lord who wants all the kibble for himself. Using a retro-fitted space ship, they work cheek to jowl with their niece, who walks the streets in a dog suit to rescue street dogs who dream of home and family. A passionate Sardinian actress joins the rescue efforts when her beloved poodle is dognapped. She rallies her show dog friends to send the crime boss to the dog house–er, prison–and give street dogs the loving homes of their dreams. 



EXCERPT: Royal Street Dogs


“The cloaking device is activated.” Horace pointed to the drone’s monitor that showed a gaping hole in the roof of Agnes’ barn next door, but nothing in the barn other than goats and hay.

“Quickly! Let’s get into the barn while Fletcher is inside the house.” Aunt Maddie led the way, with Daphne, Ryan and Dori quick-stepping behind her.

When Maddie explained who they were, the aliens huddled in a whispered conference, then ushered them into the spacecraft where their Canine Queen lay in her chamber in obvious distress.

“Humans are not usually allowed to be present at this most sacred of events. However, we are a simple exploring vessel without a doctor. When the main ship was threatened by GIG, we slipped away with our Canine Queen. It is not her time, but the stress of the past few weeks…”

Another alien added, “Since the Queen’s physician is not with us, one of your females will take on that role.”

Maddie, Daphne and Dori looked at each other. “We’re not doctors.”

“But all females have the healer’s touch.”

Maddie looked at Daphne, who looked at Dori.

“In my elfenchaun form, I have the healing touch,” Dori said.

“Then you will attend our Queen.” The alien leader seemed relieved.

Maddie and Daphne nodded at Dori in encouragement, so she closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. Then she shifted into her elfenchaun form. When she opened her eyes, the alien leader was looking at her strangely. “Is something wrong?”

“What is that thing you just did?”

Anxiety flooded through Dori. If the aliens had not seen a transformation, perhaps she really was the only elfenchaun left in this modern time. “I transformed. Sometimes I am human, but I can also be an elfenchaun. In this time period, my healing touch is strongest as an elfenchaun.”

“I have heard of transformations, but have not had the honor of seeing one.”

Hope surged through Dori again that other elfenchauns might exist somewhere in the universe. Then another moan from the Canine Queen redirected her attention. “I would like to talk more about what you have heard—after we welcome these royal babies into the world.”

The first puppy arrived with minimal fussing.

“Snuggle him next to the Queen,” Dori instructed. “He will need to be cleaned.”

The three aliens looked horrified. “One of the menials performs that duty, not the Queen.”

With a frown, Dori cleared the mucusy sac from the puppy’s face. “The babies must be cleaned immediately so they can breathe properly.”

Dori looked expectantly at those assembled, who stared back at her with confused expressions. “Quickly, bring warm, damp cloths and warm towels or blankets. We must be prepared for the others.”

As one of the aliens hurried to fetch the cloths, another puppy made her appearance. Dori handed the first puppy to one of the aliens, then gently cleaned birth goo from the second puppy’s nose and mouth. She wiped the rest of the puppy before wrapping her in a soft, fluffy blanket and handing her to Rissa. “The Queen’s milk may not be in yet, since the babies are a bit early. Does anyone have a small bottle—perhaps from a doll—and milk? Goat milk would be acceptable.”

“J-J should have doll bottles,” Daphne said. “I’ll ask Brenner to bring them here.”

“I’ll make sure GIG is gone and ask Agnes if she has milk from her goats,” Ryan said.







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