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Christine Presents: Together in Cyn

Please welcome Jennifer Kacey author of Together in Cyn

Jennifer will be awarding a "little bit dark. A whole lotta naughty" gift basket worth around $50, to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. (USA/CANADA ONLY). Please a comment for a chance to win.

Together in Cyn
by Jennifer Kacey



1.What or who inspired you to start writing? – A dream actually. Three different scenes of Final Promise, one of my single titles yet to be published, were all dreams. One of those things I couldn’t shake when I woke up. The idea of writing a book was always in the back of my head, as it is for a lot of people, but after the dream I HAD to write it down. Three months and 100K words later my first book was born. With everything that I’ve learned from getting Together in Cyn published I think I’ve really grown as a writer. I truly hope everyone loves the story as much as I loved writing it.

2.How did you come up with ideas for your books? – Random synapses firing in my brain I swear! I’ve got notebooks EVERYWHERE so when I have one of those flashes of a scene I can write it down before it’s gone. They can disappear like smoke if the rest if the world gets in the way.  I can get ideas from other books, from conversations, anything!

3.What components are necessary for the genre of this novel? – Lots of sex! And for me a dark moment is needed. I like the aspect of at least one of the characters overcoming something seemingly insurmountable when the story begins. But at the heart of everything is always romance, and the promise of a HEA.

4.What expertise did you bring to your writing? – I did quite a lot of research into BDSM before I finally put pen to paper. Wish it would have been hands on, but most of it was internet based, along with some…***cough***…video viewing.

5.What would you want your readers to know about you that might not be in your bio? – I LOVE BDSM & MENAGE! Absolutely adore it. I read what I write and hope that comes out in my stories. Writing is an amazing job to have and I feel lucky to have so many characters swimming around in my head.

6.As far as your writing goes, what are your future plans? – Two more books and a quickie in this series. An off shoot series of three from this series which will be MMF. I’ve then got two stand alone books. Two more short stories that are FF. Another three book series that I’m thinking of writing into one book with three parts, and then a seven book series. Oh, and a YA series of three that I’d like to have made into movies. Refer to #9 on me being goal oriented. J

7.If you could be one of the characters from any of your books, who would it be and why? - Cyn hands down. Two hot twins to fulfill her every fantasy, in a sex club catered to BDSM. Yeah, definitely Cyn!

8.Do you belong to a critique group? If so how does this help or hinder your writing? – I had a critique partner for Together in Cyn, but it didn’t work out. It happens. One of my editor’s other authors and I have hooked up to be crit partners. Fingers and toes crossed that it goes well. It really takes another author to see flaws in writing that a regular reader might miss. Having a CP is invaluable to catch all of the things you “thought you wrote” or that pesky three-handed lover who slips in unbeknownst to you!

9.When did you first decide to submit your work? Please tell us what or who encouraged you to take this big step? - I submitted Together in Cyn last year for the Love Letters Open call submission request from Ellora’s Cave. It needed more work than the deadline allowed for that submission but I’m REALLY glad, because I ended up getting to add 20,000 words to the MS since I didn’t have a word count maximum I had to meet. Yea for more sex! I didn’t need any more encouragement though I got loads of it from my friends and family. I’m extremely goal oriented!

10.         What is the best and worst advice you ever received? (regarding writing or publishing)  - Best – “Write for yourself because if you love it, your enthusiasm will be contagious.” Worst – “Don’t write so much sex into your books. It’ll turn readers away.”  

11.         Do you outline your books or just start writing? – I normally start with a rough outline but then I’ll just start writing. Most of the time it will follow the outline but every once in a while a character in my head keeps yanking me in a different direction. I’ve learned to listen.

12.         Do you have any hobbies and does the knowledge you've gained from these carry over into your characters or the plot of your books? – I’d love to say I’m proficient in shibari bondage and make my own latex corsets, but my house isn’t that big. J I love crochet, and making jewelry. Now I’m thinking of all the things I can do with yarn! Swear I’m going to write that into a future book. Oh, and I’m addicted to Pinterest and Tumblr. Just depends on how dark and naughty I’m feeling as to which one I’ll choose to post on.

13.         Do you have an all time favorite book? – If I had to pick just one I’d choose JR Ward’s Dark Lover. It’s a FANTASTIC first book in a series, and her voice is unique and poignant. Love that one!

14.         Have you started your next project? If so, can you share a little bit about your book? - Have three in the works right now. First, A Very Ménage Christmas, is a quickie that follows a few weeks after Together in Cyn. It will be available for pre-sale on EC this fall. Then there is Together Again. Book #2 in this series which involves Jenna, Nick and Ian. I’m also working on Final Surrender which is an erotic romantic suspense. That one’s really close to my heart as well as…yeah okay, they all are. J

15.         Do you have any family traditions or recipes you might like to share? – We always eat Chinese Food on New Year’s Eve. Have no clue why we started this, but I look forward to it every year!

16.         What is your favorite reality show? – Project Runway. Love all the fashion and the diva behavior, and throwing each other under the bus. Cracks me up!

17.         Who is your favorite actor and actress? – Don’t really have either. Would much rather read if I have free time. My TBR pile is HUGE at the moment! But I can’t seem to put the whips and cuffs away long enough to get to it right now. I’ll devour it when someone puts a gag in my muse’s mouth. J

18.         Can you tell us a little about the black moment in your book? – Chris’ first real introduction into BDSM isn’t consensual, and it happens at 17. He endures it to protect his twin, but it severely skews his view on sex and love. Convincing him to let go and accept his inner demons is almost more than Cyn can take. But she’s determined to be the submissive both brothers need.

19.         If you were a casting director for the film version of your book, who would play your lead roles? – OMG how fun! OK, Cyn I want the woman on the cover of my book. She is Cyn and I have no clue who she is! For Jared I’d pick Paul Walker. Damn that man’s hot! And for Chris…hmm…Gerard Butler. He’s tall, dark, lickable…and I’m gonna stop now.

20.         Anything else you might want to add? – Thank you a million times over for having me! It’s extremely exciting for me to get to talk to readers who enjoy the BDSM Menage genre as much as I do. Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about Together In Cyn!


A small book sitting out on a table shouldn’t incite fear in anyone.

But what if that book was your diary and you learned your two best friends, men you have ached for your entire life, have just read every last word? Pages and pages filled with dark fantasies and forbidden dreams so explicit they leave nothing to the imagination.

And what if those two friends were included in every last one?

This is exactly where Cyn Andrews now finds herself.

Stuck somewhere between wanting to hate Jared and Chris Kennedy for violating her privacy and just plain wanting to be stuck somewhere between them. She could never choose only one brother, so she’s kept her feelings buried for more than a decade, and a past mistake has kept her silent and alone…until now.

Everything she’s ever wanted may have just been handed to her in the form of an invitation to The Library. Not just a building filled with books, but a members only BDSM club the brothers own and have kept hidden from her for years.

Is it pity or desire that fueled the invitation?

What other secrets have they been keeping from her?

Can she protect her heart and face her biggest fear while discovering the art of submitting to two Doms?

It’d be a sin not to find out…


“What do you mean suited to you? You need someone desperate to be with you, is that it?”

“No. We want someone to submit to us.”

All the air got sucked from the room. Submit. I’d heard the word and read about it for years. Had even experimented once a couple years back. Remembering the last night with Matt and his friend made me turn around and head for the door. Chris took several steps to stop me, but Jared caught his arm and held him back. I wanted something I had already failed at miserably and wasn’t willing to try again. Not with them. They were too important.

“We want you, Cyn. I want to see where this can go. All we’re asking for is a chance. I’m sorry I read your journal without your permission, but if I hadn’t, would you have ever told us you wanted us? Would you have ever flat out just said you wanted me? Be filled so completely you can’t think about anything the next day except what it was like to come so hard you lose consciousness?”

I stopped. Something in his voice made me turn when I was only a few steps away from escaping them and my humiliation. But I knew he was right. I never would have said a word. Their rejection…it would have been too much to bear, so I remained silent. Happy to be their friend, but always on the outside looking in.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I’m going to just jump right in and get the easy stuff out of the way up-front. I am a wife, mother and business owner in Texas with very long black hair and a penchant for high heels and pretty outrageous toe nail polish. I have a very supportive family that I love unconditionally and am fortunate enough to genuinely like and respect them as well.

I started reading romance back in college, liked it so-so, and then I found erotica. Stories a bit on the dark side, a lot on the naughty side, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, it felt like coming home. Finding a genre made just for minds like mine was an amazing revelation, and I swear the characters in my head haven’t stopped hounding me since! 

Something I always love reading about other authors are the funny quirks and idiosyncrasies that make each of us unique, so I thought I’d share a few of mine. These are in no particular order and pretty random, so brace yourselves…

I am a morning person who doesn’t drink caffeine, and I am definitely a glass-half-full kind of girl. I have an extreme case of being left-hand stupid and am bad at all sports that end in “ball”!  Hot weather is my favorite because I'm cold all the time, and I adore lying in the sun. You’ll find a closed sign hanging off my forehead at 10 p.m. pretty much every night when my brain clocks out. What’s weird is I can write ‘til the wee hours of the morning though. Probably because the characters just shove me aside so they can say their piece.

Ooh, and I never procrastinate! If something needs to be done today, it should have been finished yesterday. I call this fantastic; several people, who shall remain nameless, call it having a bug up my A**… I think I’ll stick with fantastic.

I refuse to use a flat sheet to sleep, I love perfume but only one kind, and before I die I want to own flip-flops in every color of the rainbow. And last but not least, the yea or nay on a particular food being deemed good or gross is based off of texture first, taste second.

I hope my writing speaks for itself, and I hope it speaks to you.  The fact that I have the opportunity to share a little piece of myself with you absolutely floors me. On a daily basis I am overwhelmed by the good fortune that is my life, and vowed years ago never to take it for granted.

Best advice I’ve ever been given – find the real you and never settle for anything less!  Well guess what?  I found her!  Lord help the rest of you.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Do u experiment with any of the sex scenes before u write them? If so, is it as exciting as it sounds on paper?
I can't wait to read more of your books. U are an awesome writer.

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting

Jennifer Kacey said...

Thanks kimmyl! It's funny reading this one. It was written so long ago and so much has changed in the series now. Together Again is now titled Jenna's Consent and it's Book Four in the series. Knee deep in outlining that one. Loving it so much and talk about NAUGHTY!

My husband has dedicated himself to being my guinea pig for the sex scenes. He says it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

In all honesty it is SO MUCH MORE EXCITING IN PERSON!!!!!!!!

I'm a hands on kind of girl. In my head is great, but if I can actually do something I'll choose it every time. :)

Christine Young said...

Welcome to my blog. I hope you have a great tour.

Jennifer Kacey said...

Thanks for having me Christine! The tours been super fun!

The basket's worth $100 now. I was bad and couldn't stop buying. :)

To be entered on this stop go check out the gift basket and tell me what item you're most excited about and tell me why!!!

Jennifer Kacey said...

Here's the link so you don't have to go dig for it again!!

Anne said...

I don't know about the candy cuffs. I think I'd like them so much that I would nibble through them before we got to anything interesting.

Jennifer Kacey said...

Then I'd say the best idea is put your hands behind your back and someone else can nibble for you.

Ooh!! Or you can put them on your ankles. That'd be fun too!

Anonymous said...

The candy cuffs. The yummiest way to tie up your partner. I have to say the Glo Bullet. Um sex with a glo stick. lol

raineloveswater said...
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Author Ana Raine said...

So sexy :)

Love how you couldn't stop buying things because of how enticing they are. That always seems to be the case.

Ana Raine

Jennifer Kacey said...

The candy cuffs are super fun kimmyl! The only other ones they had were furr lined and I thought they were a bit too cheater for me, so I went with the candy ones. They were SO fun!!

The Glo Bullet cracked me up! I mean come on who hasn't lost it before?!? This way you can find it REAL easily!

VampedChik said...

I love this basket!! How fun! I am definitely going to be picking this story up! and all your others! :D

Jennifer Kacey said...

Hi Ana!! I've had the best time. Think I'm a little jealous of the winner. She/he is going to have a crazy good time. :)

Jennifer Kacey said...

Thanks Amber! It is a fun giveaway I'm definitely going to do this for each release!

Mindy said...

Together in Cyn looks like an awesome read Jennifer,
Your interview rocks:)
I LOVE the idea of candy cuffs, Imagine the nibbeling I could do with the cuffs around a certain anatomical portion of my mans body (just sayin' ;) )

Mindy :)

Jennifer Kacey said...

Mindy - thanks!! It's been a long time coming! Can't believe it'll be out on Wed. Super excited!

Love the nibbling idea and VERY inventive use for it!!
Two thumbs up. :)

Ashley Applebee said...

Awesome post!! I so hope to get his book!! I wanna learn more about these twins!! Yum!! To me, that would be like spending a fun filled naughty evening with Clay Matthews III of the Green Bay Packers and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman)!!!
Ashley A

Jennifer Kacey said...

Alexander Skarsgard


Anonymous said...

It's hard to see in the picture but it looks like there is something fruit flavored to put are your lover. Yummy and fun to lick off. Lol ;)


bn100 said...

Interesting advice you received

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Catherine Lee said...

WELL...Who wouldn't like to try "peckermints"? It makes me smile just to type that!

AND, I love the advice you got about NOT writing so much sex into your books. CLASSIC advice to reject. LOL.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

She said...

I like the penis key rings. They are cute and I can share them. ;)
Good column.

Jennifer Kacey said...

CJ - it's cherry flavored lube. I've got some and it actually tastes pretty good, though I'm normally not a cherry fan. I like the strawberry kind too! It works really well and washes off with just soap and water. Very fun to have!!

Jennifer Kacey said...

bn100 - that's what's so funny about advice - it's up to you as to what you make of it.

Jennifer Kacey said...

Catherine - swear to goodness I might have to go back and get a few of the peckermints for my girls at work. They are a riot! I just wish they were the Goodhead variety. That way they could be funny and useful at the same time.

Jennifer Kacey said...

She - they're actually wine glass markers, so you can put them on each of your girlfriends wine glasses at a party and everyone knows which one is theirs since they're different colors. That was cracked me up!!

Jennifer Mathis said...

the candy cuffs ;)

Jennifer Kacey said...

Everybody loves those. I'm going to have to go stock up!

Arely ZPerez said...

Ooh this giveaway is something that I can't wait to win (if I win of course ;) ) Thanks :D


Fedora said...

Love the interview, Jennifer! I think a lot of writers seem to enjoy the research that goes into a story ;) Is there anything particularly eye-opening you ran across as you were doing your research? :)

And I'm glad to hear your husband is so self-sacrificing! I'm sure it's quite the hardship to help you make sure those scenes are just right ;) Hee!

And woot! I enjoy crochet too! I'm not much of a knitter, but it was fun to flip through Naughty Needles: I don't think I'm a talented enough with the needles to make any of them though!

As for what I find most intriguing in the basket? Maybe new lube! To be honest, DH and I don't uh... explore much, so it'd be fun to play around with any of the toys in that lot!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Jennifer Kacey said...

So glad you like the giveaway - it's been awesome seeing everyone be excited about it!

Beyond pumped I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind adding a few more toys to their toy box.

Jennifer Kacey said...

flchen1 - The time spent writing, and re-writing and editing a book is massive. So I made sure I picked a topic I could really get off on...HA!

Eye-opening - I went to my first bondage expo. It was INCREDIBLE!!!

I think my eyes are still bugged out and it's been almost two months since I went. There's so much out there to explore and learn about. I'd always liked leather bondage things. Cuffs, collar, etc. I think they're so pretty, as well as useful. :P But the expo I went to was mostly about rope. It was fascinating seeing what some of the rope tops, and bottoms could rig/cope with. It was...and...yeah. Really awesome!

Love crochet but I think I'm allergic to knitting. I'm not one for crazy intense patterns. I honestly just don't have time to dissect a pattern that's going to take me a month to plot, plus I like how forgiving crochet is. If I mess up, remove hook, yank, yank, yank, insert hook and continue. Knitting is totally having to knit out the mistake and then do it again. That's 3 times of the same thing...ugh I'm itching! :)

New lube is awesome, and this is cherry flavored. Useful and tastes good - can't go wrong with that!

Lordy I think I wrote a novella - sorry about that! :)

June M. said...

I am really looking forward to reading this book. Maybe you can use some of your yarn from crocheting to practice Shibari on a teddy bear, lol.
manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

Fedora said...

Don't be sorry! I LOVE reading real replies to posts :) Thanks for taking the time to really respond so genuinely! And I agree--the leather stuff looks so cool, but I've seen a few photos of what can be done with rope, and some of it is amazingly intricate and beautiful! I haven't read many rope bondage stories, but have a few on the TBR... Will you be touching on that in a later story in the series? :D

And mmm... cherry ;)

Jennifer Kacey said...

June M - I'd totally thought about adding crochet yarn into a book. Still might have to do that!

Jennifer Kacey said...

flchen - you're so sweet I've totally enjoyed your posts! I've got a bit of rope bondage in Haleigh's Ink, and then there will be a LOT in Jenna's Consent, and probably in Rachel's Awakening as well. I've seen some AMAZING rope work. Corsets, and dresses and then the erotic ties. So cool! I've even got my own rope from the expo I went to. :)

Jennifer Kacey said...

Thanks for having me Christine!

Frank said...

Ooh... great to get an idea of what to look forward to, Jennifer! I guess you might need to do some more rope research, since you're going to be incorporating it into the later stories! I'm sure DH will be happy to assist? ;)

Frank said...

Whoops, and yep, that's me again, flchen1--so sorry!

Jennifer Kacey said...

flchen1 - I've got a few rope events we're going to go to. All for research purposes of course **shakeshead**!

Jennifer Kacey said...

Together in Cyn is up on Amazon - YAY!!!!

Just copy and paste the link and you're ready to buy!! Hope you love it!!!!!

Jennifer Kacey said...

And the winner of the first ever Lotta Naughty Gift Basket is...
I'm so excited and hope you love it!

But I couldn't pick just one so I got three other ladies a set of candy handcuffs too!
CJ / kimmyl and Amber - YIPPEE!!

All four of you please send me an email with your address so I can send you your goodies!