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White Lightning

I'm still working on edits to Highland Song and a new cover. I do believe I will give all my Highland books sexy new covers--something that screams highlands and braw highlanders. I have found a great site, one that will prove beneficial to this project.

Have so many must dos... where to start... or where to end. I've got thirty more pages of HS to read today. but I'm hoping to get a little farther.


"Don't do anything to, er, startle me," Lainie told him. "I don't want to have your death on my conscience." She paused. “I mean it.”

"You mean you don't want to have one more thing for Bertram to put on that wanted flyer," he corrected. "Can you find your way home from here?" he asked.

"Nay," she shook her head, hands trembling too much to use the dirk to shave this man. "I would be lost."

"What could I do to, er, startle you?" he asked, smiling.

"Touch me."

"I've been waiting a long time for you to ask," Slade said, lifting his hands from his thighs and letting them rest on her waist once more. His thumbs made gentle circles as he moved his hands lower to settle on her hips and then back.

"Nay, that's not what I mean," Lainie said, stepping back out of his reach. "Well, it is, but not that way. I dinna think ye should touch me when I'm holding this dirk so close to your neck," she said agitated.

"Don't confuse me," Slade told her.

"Then don't touch me."

Slade's entire body became still, his eyes narrowing almost as if he were angry at what she'd told him.

"You made a bargain, little fox. Or have you forgotten so soon?" he asked. "If my memory serves me right, I can touch you any time I please."

Lainie shook her head, her eyes closing for a moment.

"I haven't forgotten. Sometimes that is all I can think of. But in this case it might be in your best interest to show some self-control."

"All you can think about?"

"Aye," she said.
Old Cover

Possible couple for new cover

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