Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Is This Story?

Source: via Chris on Pinterest

I love this pictures. I wish the caption told where it was taken but then it doesn't really matter. The sidewalk is beautiful, romantic, a bit lonely but very Christmas.

One could use this picture to begin a story that could be set anywhere. Oh my but I have many different scenarios for this scene.

What is the conflict? Maybe a young woman running away from a past she would like to forget and into what appears to be an uncertain future but perhaps one with much hope. Of course there would be a strong, dark and handsome alpha male waiting in the wings to give aid as well as hope and encouragement.

Perhaps  it is no longer Christmas Eve but the end of the holidays. What could have happened to have the heroine so desperate she had to leave the warm shelter of her home? Oh, does the mind play with this.

Could this be Steampunk? Could this really be set in the 1800's?
Or maybe Urban Fantasy where magic will play a part in the plot.
The sprit world could also be at play, you see a ghost on the bench?
Is that a faery I see in the tree--over there by the blue lights?
Ohh! A vampire just stepped from behind that tree--you see him--that tree on the left.

I digress but that is one of the things my students used to like about me. It was oh too easy for them to get me off topic. And when it came to Algebra they reveled in off topic.

So,what story lurks in this picture for you?

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