Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

tt1568346.jpgWent to see the movie last night with my family. Really liked Elizabeth's character such a strong woman despite all that she had to endure. There were some parts that the squeamish at heart probably won't like (I know I didn't) but I just closed my eyes. The movie was long but we didn't realize how long. It engaged me through its entirety.

I haven't read the book yet but as usual in the transition from the book to the movie there were some changes. To my ultra critical family the changes didn't really matter. The few changes that were made seemed to make scene transitions more fluid.

If you are wanting to see a movie this is a must see. I know I thought the movie was well done.

On another note, I am getting back to work on editing for the house (rogue phoenix press). And I'm trying to figure out what my next project will be. I need to read through Rebel Heart for its rerelease and I also need to finish Ghost Dance which is really the first book in the Lakota Pinkerton series.

I'm also trying to figure out which book to send on a goddessfish tour. Hmm...I'm leaning towards Safari Moon my one and only contemporary so far. Geez, when I sit down and start typing out what I need to do, I know I need to spend more quality time at my computer.

What are your plans for the new year?

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Christine Young said...

oops...I didn't see the 2010. I need a 2011 fading into 2012. Can you believe it?