Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day With the Little Angels

Source: google.com.sg via Chris on Pinterest

The granddaughters are sweet sweet angels. We have had the wonderful opportunity to take care of the youngest one for two nights. And the oldest one has been here during the day. We think Ana speaks angel talk. Her uncle says he taught her Albanian. Who knows. I'm sure she knows what she is saying even though no one else does.

Abby know what just about every animal says. Her favorite is the duck, quack, quack. She is a "Duck" baby--both mother and father went to University of Oregon. She know how to raise up her arms and say "Touch down" so cute.

My sons first book Blood Veins went to the printer today as well as reviewers. The first of January--January second to be exact. He will be at Lias Haseltons blog

Hope everyone stops by and leaves a comment.
Blood Veins is a Science Fiction/Fantasy

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