Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inspiration--Where oh Where Are You?

Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes--Yum...

This holiday season has been hectic and fun. I've shopped and eaten tons of food. I've finished my April Fools Anthology to be published the April 1, 2012. It has never taken me as long to write a book as it has this one. I think it was because the characters were not talking to me. When they finally did it wasn't until the last chapter. And then wow--they blindsided me. I never planned for the ending. Then I had to go back and rework some of the scenes so the ending would be plausible.

Highland Song is now on my agenda. I have pulled the book up on my computer several times and still have not made it past page 1. To me, editing is like mending. I do hate to mend but I love to sew. I love to write books but I truly dislike the editing. Thank you for wonderful critique partners.

Maybe tomorrow I will find the missing inspiration to sit down and edit.

Wow! Looking on Pinterest at different April Fools Day jokes gave me ideas. Some I just might incorporate into my story.

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