Friday, December 09, 2011

A Wonderful Day with most of My Family

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

Shopping at Bridgeport, watching Ana laugh and enjoy life so much. Freezing in the shade and the sun. My youngest daughter is here from New York City. Where do you think it was coldest? Oregon of course. It was 30 degrees in Salem and can you believe it? a heat wave in NY 50 degrees today.

I cannot figure out how to dress for this cold weather. Ate lunch at California Pizza at least it was warm inside and thoughts of California tried to warm my cold fingers and toes. We found crazy, wonderful fun toys. Bought a wine glass to match the one that broke but discovered when I got home that it wasn't the right one. I loved the way the clerk looked at me when there was only one. I guess no one buys just one. Sigh...I will have to back and buy one more. I almost bought one of both. Should of, would of, could of.

Tomorrow family breakfast and Christmas tree cutting.

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