Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Little Side Diversion

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

My favorite little knitting store is in Medford Oregon. We were supposed to drive south before Christmas but it didn't work out this year. I'm trying to make ski boarder hats. I had the right size circular needles for the hats but they were too long and the hat got twisted. I honestly can not visualize how that could possible happen but it did. I have been hunting for size 17 length 16 inches but haven't had any luck. My husband searched in Eugene and we looked in Salem--nothing. I used to teach a personal finance class and one of the projects we did was starting a business. I know, I know another diversions. Anyway one of the girls who took this class started a knitting store (hypothetically speaking). She told me about the store in Silverton. (Other wise I would not have known it existed). I called and hallelujah they had the needles.

We took our daughter and son-in-law with us and diverged to Silver Creek Falls. It's a gorgeous place in Oregon and a must to visit if you are anywhere close. It was freezing cold but sunny. Inside a little visitor store there was a map. Many people from all over the world had visited the Falls. No one however, from Albania. (My son-in-law was born in Albania and my daughter met him in Athens). To make a long story a wee bit shorter, he put a pin on the map showing he came from Albania.

Working on the end of my Highland tour. Last day is tomorrow. What a whirlwind but I definitely would recommend it as a way to get your name in cyberspace.

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