Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taking A Day Off--Sort Of

Source: via Popoka on Pinterest

I haven't done much today except figure out new ways to advertise. I played with my granddaughter until she left for home. Seems pretty lazy to me. Yet--I'm reading the suggestions from my critique partner for my part of the April Fools Anthology The Twist. LOL I wrote in several scenes trying to repaint the antagonist but I guess it didn't work. I set him so much one way that I think only a bulldozer will change the impression he has made.

I do love these evil folks. And it doesn't make a difference whether or not they are male or female. In Dakota's Bride one of the antagonist was Madame Velvet Le Bon and boy was she evil. (and fun to write) I used to wonder why these evil characters were so much fun to me. There are no holds barred. I don't have to be politically correct. They can say, do, think and believe anything I want them to believe. They are after all the mustache twirling bad guy.

What do you like about evil characters?

Do they have a special place in a book?

Some authors write without ever using a protagonist to further their plot.

Not me! I love to hate the bad guy.


Linda Mercury said...

If I don't have my antagonist, all I'll have is everyone going on picnics and getting along. The story would be all puppy dogs and rainbows and unicorns and deadly, deadly dull.

Christine Young said...

I so agree. LOL