Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And the Count Goes On...

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One more day until Thanksgiving and five more days until my virtual tour for Highland Magic starts.

The rain goes on too. I woke up to a warm, rain and very blustery day. Still in bed I listened to the rain and the wind. When I was in New York city this fall, Hurricane Katia blew up the Atlantic side of Manhattan Island and Hurricane flew by on the west side of the island. For a couple of days rain inundated the city. My daughter chided me that I was an Oregonian and why was I complaining about the rain. Well, I said, I stay inside when it rains, I don't tour the Statue of Liberty, or stroll in Central Park.

So, I ask, what do you like to do in the rain?
I like to...
1. Listen to the rain and the wind
2. Watch the leaves and the bushes sway in the wind
3. Sipping hot chocolate (my walking buddy would want to add amareto sp?)
4. Read a good book
5. Crossstich
6. Knit
7. Sit on the couch by the window and look outside
8. Write blogs
9. Catch up on my soaps
10. Do you like to dance in the rain?
11. Sip Hurricanes in the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia

To fill in later (look above)
What do you like to do when it rains it pours?
35 mi/hr gusts this morning. Oh, Hurricane Irene you got nothing on this storm.

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Christine Young said...

heard there were 70 mi/hr gusts on the coast. I don't think we saw anything that strong when we were in Philly during Hurricane Irene.