Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home/Expecting Rain

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After a wonderful 2 days spent with my parents in Medford, we are now home. Sunday evening we went out to a nice Italian restaurant. The spicy calamari in plum sauce was scrumptious. After that my mom and I talked and enjoyed each others company. Monday we did some needed banking stuff then made our way to the yarn store. I bought yarn for various gifts. I forgot the unused skeins I was going to return so I could start my own afghan. Monday night we watched dancing with the stars and I, for one, was disappointed at J.R.'s scores for his first dance. And also puzzled that Rob could have such great scores when he is the worst dancer left. I am truly hoping either J.R. or Ricky Lake win the competition. Although I am rooting for J.R.  GO J.R. Tuesday we drove back to Salem expecting the weather to be windy, rainy and horrible all the way back. We were pleasantly surprised when we didn't hit rain until just north of Albany. Yay!

Back from the mini vacation I am once again blogging and I'm hoping to have Highland Magic read and released by next Sunday.


Jenee Koci said...

I like Rob and Im sure the judges know what they are doing

Christine Young said...

Ashley likes Rob too. She won me over last night when she told me a little about his history. Glad J.R. won though.

Jenee Koci said...

I didn't know why you guys didn't call me, I thought you just forgot :(